Bright interior in Scandinavian style

Feature of the project: the interior is designed in the spirit of Scandinavian aesthetics. The larger room was divided into two rooms: the parents’ bedroom and the living room.

It is assumed that a married couple with two adult children (daughter 14 years old and son 17 years old) will live in the apartment, each of whom needs personal space. The owners prefer natural, natural colors, and are also not indifferent to Scandinavian interiors, so the leading color idea for the apartment will be a white background combined with cold mint shades. The color scheme turns out to be spring and calm, gray and coral predominate in accents. 

In the apartment, almost all the walls are load-bearing, which greatly reduces the possibility of redevelopment. But nevertheless, changes have been made to the original project: they will demolish the partition separating the large room from the hall, and build a new one, creating in place of the resulting space the parents’ bedroom and the living room, which will become a passage room.

They decided to give the room with two windows to the girl, allocating space for a small dressing room. The latter will not be completely isolated, the room becomes a walk-through. The presence of a window in it is a big plus, as it improves insolation. 

The interior is saturated with Scandinavian aesthetics in furniture, decoration, details, and textiles. Features of this style are emphasized by light walls, an abundance of wooden light textures, doors, and furniture with simple panels and smooth facades, pendant lamps of laconic shapes, and furniture with legs. 

In almost all rooms, smooth matte acrylic-based paint is used as wall decoration, since light walls require more maintenance during operation. In the bedrooms of the brother and sister, paint and wallpaper are used. In the bathrooms, the finish is dominated by smooth matte moisture-resistant plaster. In the bedroom and living room, ceilings of different colors are used: gray or mint. Tiles were chosen for the floor in the kitchen and wet areas, and parquet board was in the rooms. 

In the hallway, there is a wardrobe for outerwear, which successfully “transitions” into a bench and an open hanger. In the living room, the system of cabinets involves the placement of books and things. Each room has a small closet and chest of drawers, and in addition, there is a shared storage area – a dressing room.  

Living room 

There are two interesting elements in the room that attracts attention: a low-hanging brass-finished lamp and a partition wall with an entrance to the parent’s bedroom. For better insolation of the living room, the upper part of the partition will be made of glass, but for privacy from the side of the bedroom, it is necessary to provide a curtain. The interior is monochrome, the color accents are the ceiling and the mint coffee table. The platbands of the openings, skirting boards, the partition will be painted in a cold white color, and the walls – in a warm one. 


The interior is built on the contrast of green furniture facades, white countertops and an apron, and a walnut texture of the table. The unifying element is ornamental tiles and matching chairs by Arne Jacobsen, icons of Danish design. 

Son’s room 

The wall behind the headboard is decorated with graphic wallpaper. The color patchwork of the wallpaper reflects the entire color palette of the room, but these spots do not disturb the light and airy atmosphere that prevails in the room. The Scandinavian style does not accept heavy curtains, so the window was decorated with a translucent fabric on an open cornice. If necessary, for a better quality of sleep, it is recommended to choose an additional blackout curtain fabric.

A classic trick to liven up a white interior is to add accents: printed wallpaper, a bright carpet and a dark ceiling. 


The fence, floor, and ceiling are proposed to be insulated, and “native” double-glazed windows and wall cladding of the house are preserved.


Most of the walls in the room are highlighted with moisture-resistant muted green plaster, and the bath area was decorated with large-format white tiles. In addition to color zoning, metal partitions-lattices are used to isolate the sink and toilet, bathtub, and washing machine. By the way, partitions can not be glazed, and then they will serve as towel racks.

The larger room managed to accommodate a bedroom and a living room.Poor soundproofing of the bedroom. 
There is a dressing room with a window. There is no hygienic shower in the bathrooms.
Maintained ceiling height.
Ergonomic parameters of the working triangle of the kitchen; There is a large worktop for cooking.
Good insolation of all rooms.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
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