Interiors in white: 18 ideas for small apartments

For the decoration of small apartments, it is preferable to use light colors that reflect and optically expand the space. We present a selection of the most successful interiors. 

1. Bright interior of a small studio

The interior, which is dominated by white, does not seem sterile due to non-standard structural elements (including decorative ones) and various textural combinations. Restrained color blotches accentuate individual zones. The space is united by the same floor tiles under bleached oak.

2. Bright interior with retro elements

Adjusted proportions and economically used non-standard decor techniques helped to create a peaceful atmosphere. The studio’s walls shine with whiteness, a subtle grayish-lavender hue gives the interior a feeling of freshness.

On one of the walls of the bedroom, this tone thickens to a rich, but muted lavender, and in the kitchen, a glossy apron tile in a complex beige shade adds another close, only warmer color note. The textures are played very well: the back wall of a large niche in the living room is decorated with 3D panels that create a beautiful pattern of ornament due to chiaroscuro.

3. Loft in bright colors

Cold color contrasts of wall coverings in combination with mirrors add volume to a small apartment. Contrasting textures and colors attract attention and look decorative – for example, radiators and window sills painted in brown of the same color set off well like a vibrating “masonry” of walls imitating bleached brick.

High skirting boards, paneled doors and doors, a classic “fireplace” portal, and traditional frames in the bedroom create an elegant environment, but without glamorous accents.

4. Interior in Scandinavian style

Figuratively speaking, this apartment has a “light breath” inherent in interiors in the Scandinavian spirit and all its derivatives: the predominantly white color creates an atmosphere of freedom, spaciousness, cleanliness, and fullness of light and air. The accompaniment of blue and blue completes the association with the sky and the sea coast, giving a feeling of coolness and freshness.

The interior design is diversified by wood-like laminate, glazed brick tiles, which are used to decorate the kitchen backsplash and the lower part of the bathroom walls. Accessories (mirrors, collages, photographs), custom-made textiles made from natural materials, as well as carpets complete the picture.

5. White interior in minimalist style

The original spirit of minimalism as a whole was preserved thanks to the well-proportioned spaces of each room, complementing the ascetic image with dosed decorative accents. So, in addition to white, the studio uses natural woody shades, gray, and muted lilac, corresponding to the mood of early spring or the mountain landscape.

Most of the furnishings were created according to the sketches of the authors of the project – thus, it was possible to maintain the required dimensions and choose an organic interior finish.

6. Interior of a small apartment in white

White color in a small interior helps to visually expand the space and give it the missing volume, as well as enhance the insolation of the far corners of the apartment. The brick finish brought variety and a light play of light and shadow to the monochrome design. Against such a background, color accents seem very bright.

7. Interior in the spirit of urban contemporary

The premises are decorated in the spirit of urban contemporary with the dominance of light colors. It is enlivened by juicy, but not sharp contrasts. Large windows help create a cheerful, airy environment: there are six of them in the outer walls of the apartment, and natural insolation for most of the day is responsible for a positive mood.

8. White interior in modern style

Thanks to the fine detailing of the finishes, light, and muted colors, the interior resembles an old watercolor, permeated with air and light. The range in which the interiors are decorated is reminiscent of the colors of the St. Petersburg white night: in the studio, light gray walls, muted gray-brown upholstery of the sofa, pillows, and curtains create a calming background, structured by the rhythm of molding layouts (they imitate boiserie), strict lines of cornices, furniture outlines.

9. White interior with functionalist elements 

The dominant white color gives airiness to the interiors, they seem more spacious; zoning is underlined by details of contrasting colors.

10. Loft aesthetics in light colors

Choosing the image of the interior, we combined seemingly incompatible solutions. On the one hand, there is industrial, valued by the customer in the spirit of New York and Chicago lofts, on the other hand, various decorative elements, to which, as in the old days, the soul gravitates. It turned out elegantly and at the same time naturally, with a touch of elegant negligence. The open brickwork does not dominate but creates an enlarged rhythm.

Due to the large windows and high-glazed doors with transoms, the studio looks spacious and solemn. Thanks to the layout and almost ascetic range, the space has gained light and deep breath, and the scale of the interiors seems to be more significant.

11. Light interior in the style of minimalism

The designer was faced with the task of turning a two-room apartment into an open space, which would have more light and air than partitions. The basis of redevelopment project is based on the principle of rationality and conciseness. The result is a discreet, “clean” interior without frills in decor and details.

12. The combination of warm and cold shades in the interior

White, gray, and light beige prevail in the room and kitchen (floor, wooden panels of doors ). The combination of warm and cold shades, and an abundance of white (part of the walls, ceilings, a chandelier in the kitchen) create a pleasant balance that leaves the impression of freshness. The color palette is complemented by black (sconces in the room, chandelier shades in the hallway and living room, TV screens, and photo wallpapers in the kitchen) and deep brown (thick curtains leading to the podium steps).

The color scheme deepens in the bathroom, which combines dark brown and beige to create a cozy atmosphere. The graphics of the interiors are subtly thought out: with the unconditional dominance of strict straight lines and angles, diagonals appear in the kitchen and the room: light silhouettes on a flat and almost achromatic urban landscape (wallpaper in the kitchen), a long and swift glass partition separating the sleeping and working areas; it is continued on the ceiling by a stepped structure with eaves lighting (living room).

13. Light design that visually enlarges the space

The charm of white, a bold mix of styles, and the ability to disregard stereotypes about “correct” design and layout helped turn a small Moscow apartment not only into an island of individual comfort but also into a box of ideas for everyone who would like to realize ideas of harmony that are unusual for many and convenience.

14. White interior with classic and country elements

Elements of classic and country music, bright color blotches, combined with a transparent, almost achromatic range, similar to snow patterns or milk foam, with pleasant textures and elegant details, filled the apartment with warmth and light.

15. White interior with bright accents

Reflections of fire and reflections of water play on the walls of the spacious rooms of the apartment. Bright color accents, combined with a non-standard layout, which the hostess dreamed of, original design elements developed by the author of the project, helped to create an attractive, energetic image.

16. Bright interior with loft-style elements

Brickwork, a ceiling and a wall with a concrete texture, open communications, electrical wiring that has become a decorative element, retro switches with sockets, spotlights for artificial lighting, and a blue accent sofa that separates the kitchen from the bedroom are associated with factory romance.

17. Penthouse in bright colors

Penthouse on the 20th floor, with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and access to an open terrace – the embodiment of urban poetry and ideas about the comfort of modern city life. It is not surprising that a person of a creative profession so liked the apartment. To make the space sound easy and positive, revealing its potential, the now fashionable loft, and minimalism were chosen as aesthetic guidelines.

18. Unity of interior and exterior

A fresh sea breeze blows over every corner of the light-open space of the apartment. It seems that the interior and the landscape overlooking the sea through the large windows continue each other and the rustling of the waves on the pebbles comes through the cool design palette.

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