Interior in contemporary style with elements of Provence

It seems that the interior of the apartment and the landscape overlooking the sea outside the large windows continue each other and the rustling of the waves on the pebbles comes through the cool design palette.

The customers asked the designer to design comfortable and modern housing for summer living. The composition of the premises had to meet modern ideas about recreation: an entrance hall, a spacious studio with access to a large open terrace, two bedrooms, a master and a guest bathroom, and a utility room. The color scheme is refreshing, light, slightly dampening the bright southern sun, and the style is urban contemporary with light elements of Provence.


The structure of the premises was already set and suited the owners. Its convenience lies in the fact that convenient trajectories of movement are taken into account, the interiors have free breathing, and an abundance of light penetrates through the huge, almost the entire width of the walls, the windows of the studio, and both bedrooms. The entrance hall is a communication intersection where the trajectories of movement between all private rooms converge and which is connected to the studio by a wide open opening. 


A screed was made in the apartment – in the living quarters, an oak parquet board was laid on top of it, in wet areas, in the hallway, in the kitchen – porcelain stoneware tiles. The flooring of the terrace was replaced, and a “deck board” made of high-strength plastic, which is not afraid of moisture, was chosen as the cladding. The ceilings were lined with drywall. The walls were reinforced with fiberglass and painted.

The house ducted air conditioning system was supplemented with split systems by installing air conditioners in the studio and both bedrooms and external units were placed on the terrace. Heating radiators and convectors built into the floor were replaced, and window sills were made of artificial stone. The facade of the built-in wardrobe in the hallway disguised a large protrusion of the ventilation duct. Shallow niches were built in the living area and behind the headboard in the master bedroom, building up the side walls with drywall.


Airiness, open perspectives, and connecting the interiors with the external romantic environment, are emphasized and enhanced by design means. Therefore, light gray and white dominate, complemented by turquoise and muted brown; they echo the colors of the landscape, giving a feeling of coolness and connection with nature.

The rooms far from the windows are solved in a lighter range. In a modern, almost minimalistic environment, classical notes (chandeliers, armchairs with ears), fusion intonations (table console in the hall), and pop art (color accents in the master bedroom) sound here and there. Outwardly laid-back, although the strictly thought-out manner of decoration perfectly matches the atmosphere of summer holidays.

In the living room, kitchen, and one of the bedrooms, panoramic windows echo with window-like niches. To do this, the niche was created due to technical protrusions next to the working area of ​​the kitchen, in which display cabinets were installed, sheathed with boards painted in turquoise color, and around the perimeter, they were equipped with LED backlighting. The framing – the platband – was also made of wood, painted in a light gray tone. In the living area, with the help of drywall, a “backstage” was created, between which a decorative niche with shelves for accessories was placed. Another niche is behind the headboard of the master’s bed: its side borders are formed by racks lined with drywall.

The apartment is located in a monolithic concrete building, which was built in 2008. The advantage of the apartment is its proximity to the coast, large windows and a large open terrace of unusual rounded shape overlooking the sea. In order for the interior to acquire a modern and individual face, non-standard design techniques were used in the design: entering the studio gives the impression that the apartment is located in the attic, the ceiling of the studio looks as if the interior occupied the upper floor under the roof. Although the main color scheme (white, gray, blue) is typical for all rooms, bright accents are added in some places.

They did not install a font in the bathroom, but created a spacious shower compartment. The washing machine was placed under the countertop in the kitchen so as not to overload the comfort zones with technical details. The house is equipped with an independent boiler room, so there was no need for water heaters. The apartment provides a sufficient number of storage spaces, although year-round use is not expected – wardrobes for clothes and things are located in the hallway and both bedrooms. Like many other pieces of furniture, they were made in our own production, the same goes for the details of decoration (mirrors, decorative niches with plank trim).

To enhance the impression of the weightlessness of the space, and to emphasize the light proportions of the interior, the designer suggested supplementing the magnificent natural insolation with lamps similar to skylights. For greater persuasiveness, a hemmed structure was built from drywall, imitating a pitched roof, the ridge of which runs along the central space of the studio; in addition, graceful arrow-shaped “beams” were made from drywall to support the spreader. Two rows of “roof windows” were made of frosted plexiglass in metal profiles with LED backlighting to simulate daylight. The theme of flat lamps was also supported in the hallway, for which they chose ready-made overhead milky-white shades. 

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