11 amazing white interiors

No matter how much white is scolded for impracticality, it remains one of the most charming in the interior design palette. The main thing is to find him the right company.

1. White walls and blue splash

White looks interesting in alliance with neutral shades, and at the same time harmonizes with bright, contrasting, and dark accents. The technique works even in monochrome interiors, as in the example below, where walls painted in pure white are tinted with rich and deep tones of blue.

2. Discreet gloss

Thoughtful open floor plan, white walls and ceilings, and Tiffany as a small but important color accent. Such a difficult monochrome interior certainly wants to be considered for a long time.

3. Perfect Canvas

Not every person will choose white minimalism for himself, but such a space is ideal for a restrained nature – this is confirmed by the strict forms of furniture. For a creative person, such an interior can also be suitable – you just have to hang your favorite paintings against the background of white walls, and the space will change.

4. Fresh breeze

Accent details in this interior – old wood and furniture from local craftsmen – set the course for a fresh Mediterranean style, set in the decoration of perfectly white walls.

5. Girly soft 

Starting from a neutral base and complementing the interior with accent details of other shades is a win-win move that will not go out of fashion for a long time. And the delicate decor here allows shades of white to look very feminine.  

6. White greenhouse

White is the perfect backdrop for natural greenery. Moreover, the style of the interior, where the main roles belong to the white color and plants, can be anything: from Scandinavian to classic or art deco – they look so organically together.

7. Scandinavian charisma

The space of the working area of ​​this charming kitchen is decorated in the form of a niche. Inside and outside it is lined with white tiles, and the seams are finished with dark grout. We especially liked this technique for its expressiveness and graphic quality.

8. Halftone game

One of the trends of this season is the off-white interior, built on shades of white. Milky, creamy, pearly, and grayish tones, tinted with ecru or ivory, create an interesting multi-layered interior.

9. The warmth of wood

The white base of this interior is very organically combined with both the wood in the finish and bright accents like colored chairs and lighting fixtures.

10. Black and white dynamics

The contrast of the apron and furniture fronts can be emphasized not only by color but also by texture. The beveled bevels of the boar tile seem to be made for this compact and charmingly controversial kitchen. 

11. Blueberry geometry

So that the interior in white does not look faceless, you can play with clear lines in the decoration of the apartment. For example, decorate the walls and ceiling of the living room with blueberry-colored glass mosaics.

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