Freestanding bathtub: 35 solutions

The freestanding bathtub is the focal point of the home spa, a visual highlight, and a serious investment. What materials are relevant today?

Luxurious sculptural bowls are usually placed in the center of the bathroom, and even the bedroom, not far from the bed. Sometimes they are even placed on a podium, which makes them look like museum pieces.

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Modern bathtubs are made of different materials. Some of the most expensive are made from natural stone. They are really close to a work of art. Experts warn: before purchasing a stone bath, you need to make sure that the load-bearing structures can withstand the load because the mass of such a bath can be hundreds of kilograms. 

An important trend is a desire for deliberate simplicity. Designers are proclaiming a return to the origins, studying ancient pottery in order to transfer their shape to the design of freestanding baths on an enlarged scale. 

Bicolor is still in fashion: the outer surface of the bath is made in a different color and material than the inside. Lacquering is applied outside (including according to the RAL catalog), and the bath is trimmed with copper, aluminum, oxidized metal, and even gold sheet.

In the production of freestanding baths, different materials are used. Cast iron models – “eternal classics” – are gradually leaving the stage, the material palette becomes more and more diverse. The most interesting forms are achieved by the use of composites, by the method of mineral casting.

Many leading brands have their own proprietary designs. DuraSolid A, LivingTec®, Coracril®, Tecnoril®, Silkstone®, Cristalplant®, Krion®, Sentec, Stonematt ® , Ceramilux®, Lithocast, Velvet Stone – the number of high-tech materials is growing every year.

Modern polymers and composites open up new horizons for designers, allowing them to create spectacular monolithic forms. Thin edges are no longer a problem. The connection of three-dimensional parts has also become possible, which gives a streamlined body without visible joints and seams. It seems that there is no such form that could not be realized: from ideal roundness to a clear parallelepiped.

Composites have high strength – the walls of the bath can be made strictly vertical. Due to this, the internal volume increases with the same external dimensions. Manufacturers are looking for a comfortable backrest shape, calculate the angle of inclination. Another advantage of composites: a noble velvety surface, warm and pleasant to the touch. Finally, advanced materials are fully recyclable, making them attractive to environmentally responsible users. 

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