Bedroom with view to bathroom: 3 projects

ANCconcept architects Petr Lukyanov and Kirill Ustinov have redesigned a London townhouse. One of the bathrooms was unconventionally given a place in the guest bedroom by the window and painted in total white. “It was important for us that the interior matched the facade, but at the same time was modern, because the customer is young. We have kept the historic plaster cornice and added stucco moldings to the walls – altogether creating a classic feel. And this shell was filled with modern furniture and accessories.” 

When the architects came to the site, there were two bathrooms. In the end, two remained, but their size and location were modified. The most serious changes affected the guest bathroom. “It was in the of corridor at the entrance, where a micro-square was fenced off. We got rid of it in favor of a larger area of ​​​​the hallway so that there was somewhere to place a spacious closet. The bathroom has been moved to the guest bedroom. Since it is located so that it cuts off the window from the room, the dividing wall was made of transparent glass. 

Thus, daylight penetrates into the bedroom and there is no feeling of a “box without a window”. The bathroom is done in total white. Not only the walls but all the furniture and faucets are white. This enhances the light coming from the window. Needless to say, redevelopment in the historic center of London required approval: “The authorities have long decided whether to allow it or not.”

Architect Alexandra Fedorova combined a bathroom with a bedroom in an apartment project for a young family. The conditional boundary between them is a transparent glass partition. The apartment for a couple with two children is designed in a modern style. But thanks to the soft color scheme, built on shades of gray, milky, and light brown, it looks cozy and habitable.

“There was not much space, but we wanted to make a spacious bathroom for our customers,” says architect Alexandra Fedorova. “Besides, they asked for it to have both a bath and a shower. Therefore, it was necessary to cut out every centimeter, correlating at the same time with the existing load-bearing walls and columns.

The bathroom is combined with the bedroom. We offered this option to customers, and they agreed. The premises are separated by a two-section sliding glass partition; if necessary, the opening can be closed with a curtain. The glass is slightly tinted. According to our sketches, an extended countertop with two sinks was made from Corian. A shower was built into the niche behind it, and a free-standing bathtub was placed in a conspicuous place.

The wall where it sits is clad in American walnut planks, a finish that emphasizes the sculptural shape and whiteness of the tub. The wood is treated with a special moisture-proof composition and varnished. In addition, the skirting board is made of Corian, so water on the floor will not damage the wood anyway. Other walls are covered with textured travertine in two shades.

Olesya Sitnikova and Ekaterina Tulupova designed the residence for the winter and summer holidays. Avoiding the cliches of “at home in nature”, the authors created comfort with modern means. The rooms have a lot of wood finishes – the bathrooms are no exception.

Although the residence was created for outdoor recreation, Olesya Sitnikova and Ekaterina Tulupova did not set themselves the task of filling it with the attributes of a “country house”. “This is not a chateau or a chalet,” they emphasize. “You won’t see bear skins and deer antlers here. We carefully avoided stamps. We tried to create an interior in modern trends, a warm cozy space filled with natural materials. There is especially a lot of wood here, it is on the walls, on the floor, and partly on the ceilings.

The bathrooms are no exception, with gorgeous wood finishes as well. A total of nine bathrooms were equipped, which testifies to the highest level of comfort in this housing. Each of the bedrooms has its own bathroom, there are also bathrooms at the entrance area and at the office.

Bathrooms are treated as a continuation of the living space and can even be combined with it, as is done, for example, in the master’s apartment. This possibility is provided by mobile partitions: the central leaves turn 180 degrees, the side leaves go deep into the wall.

The partitions have a slatted structure, which supports the overall direction of the interior: the designers played in it the theme of beams, slats, and lamellas in an interesting way, the architecture of the building allowed this. Such techniques have complicated, added variety to the space, where the pieces of furniture are concise and the colors are calm.

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