7 rules for those who want to use black in a small apartment

Adding black to the details, opting for minimalism and not being afraid to paint the walls – we show you how to stylishly and comfortably decorate a small apartment in a color that is considered completely unsuitable for small spaces.

Charm, drama, depth – you refuse all this along with black in your apartment. A small area is no reason to limit yourself to only beige and white. Black will look luxurious in any space if you beat it correctly.

1. Make good lighting

Dark shades look cloudy only when they lack light. In fact, you can use black in small and spacious multi-level apartments. In both rooms, this color can look stunning or hopeless. It all depends on the degree of illumination of the housing. If there is not enough daylight, take care of powerful artificial – this advice is most relevant for those whose windows face north.

2. Use black in detail

Black is such an active color that you need very little of it to spice up the interior. For example, sometimes it is enough to put a black chair in order for it to attract attention. Well, smooth black shades of white, beige, and gray. But the latter option should be used carefully and, again, avoided where there is little light because there is a risk of creating a dull interior instead of a deep one.

3. Adjust the shape of the room with black

Painting black works especially well on large surfaces in irregularly shaped rooms, such as narrow and elongated ones. In such cases, the far wall can be made dark, this will visually bring it closer and make the rectangular space look like a square, which, as you know, is considered the ideal shape in interior design.

4. Add other active colors

Black makes all colors brighter and deeper. On this property, you can build a juicy bright interior – if you add active shades like yellow, green, and pink to the dark. They will balance the heavy black, and at the same time add dynamics to the space.

5. Decorate the floor or … the ceiling with black

A black floor and white ceiling are a classic solution, even for a small apartment. Therefore, you definitely will not lose if you refer to this option. But you can experiment and change their places. The dark ceiling seems to dissolve in space and visually increase the height of the walls. This technique, by the way, is especially relevant in the bathrooms.

6. Bet on a laconic interior

If you use active colors, try to give up unnecessary details, accessories, complex lines, and unnecessary things. The color itself will decorate the room. Choose furniture with minimalist handles or better without them at all. Think over the most capacious storage system and put all things there, leave a couple of open shelves, but only the most important things there, or add a few accent details.

7. Use combinations with lights and mirrors

This technique creates a visual balance – additional lighting and reflective surfaces visually make the space larger. Plus, they increase the amount of light, which means that black will not be a problematic shade.

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