5 design tricks when working with small bathrooms

We continue to collect interesting life hacks from designers’ projects published on minimalism.one. This time the focus is on small bathrooms of 4 square meters or less. Professionals choose transparent shower screens, and bright colors and combine different finishes for their designs.

1. Use sliding doors

In the photo – is a project of a bathroom with an area of ​​​​4 square meters. In order to fit the sink, bath, toilet, and closet, and at the same time save every meter, they use a sliding door instead of a swing door. A massive dark rail is fixed on the outer wall, along which a wooden door moves, and this solution in itself is already an interesting accent in the interior of the apartment. To continue the theme of the door inside, we designed a wooden wall near the bath and extended it to half the ceiling. The countertop under the sink and the interior of the open cabinet are made in the same style.

2. Install a transparent shower

Decorating a small bathroom in a loft style is not an easy task, given that this style involves bright textured surfaces like concrete or wood, rough lines, and specific accents, such as light bulbs hanging from a long thick black cord. In this project, in order to make the interior uncluttered and give the feeling of free, uncluttered space, the designer abandons the classic bathtub and bulky closed shower with a plastic tray. Instead, an airy structure with a transparent partition and an open top. When repeating this technique in your home, remember to choose a quality glass partition, which can handle temperature changes, as well as the proper arrangement of a shower room without a shower tray.

3. Use combinations of different tiles

It seems that all the walls and floor in a small bathroom can be laid out with the same tile, and preferably light. In fact, such a solution will make the space flat and visually even more closed. Designers use different materials and shades for wall, floor, and ceiling coverings, for example, as in this project. By analogy, you can use small contrasting black and white floor tiles, lay out the lower half and upper quarter of the walls with blue textured tiles with a glaze effect, and the remaining space with white glossy tiles.

By the way, it is also not necessary to take only plain tiles. For example, in the bathroom of this apartment, the designer combined several cladding options, including patterned tiles. The main thing is to monitor the compatibility of finishes.

4. Don’t be afraid of bright colors

In this bathroom project with an area of ​​just under four squares, the designer used very bright and contrasting colors: lemon yellow, sky blue, and deep bright red. Since these shades are on opposite ends of the color wheel, the combination turned out to be very cheerful and not dazzling to the eyes. As balancing points, you will see here a simple white ceiling, neutral soft tiles on the floor, a transparent shower stall, and simple laconic furniture and plumbing.

5. Hang large mirrors in combination with dark walls

Due to the lack of natural light in a small bathroom, there is no need to decorate the walls in shades of white, beige, or gray, as these colors still do not give a tangible feeling of expanded space. Therefore, sometimes designers choose matte paint in dark shades for walls: black, blue, and green. For example, as in this project. To compensate for this decision, a large mirror is hung on the wall, which will reflect the room and light sources. This move gives a feeling of deep and spacious space.

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