5 spring ideas for the cozy bedroom

Flowers on the bedside table, new curtains, and bright accessories – how to create a spring atmosphere in the bedroom to wake up in a good mood.

1. Add floral textiles

The beginning of spring is associated with the arrival of flowers, and this can be used to create the right atmosphere in the bedroom. Choose textiles with a floral pattern, but avoid formulaic and overly colorful solutions. For example, huge roses on bedding quickly get boring and overload the interior. It is better to choose a neat pattern of small flowers and include such textiles in the interior pointwise, as in the example in the photo: a pair of pillowcases for pillows to diversify a light-plain bedding set.

2. Place flowers on your bedside table

To create a spring mood, just add fresh flowers to the bedroom. It can be interior bouquets in a vase or a flowering plant in a pot.

  • Flowers in a vase are more suitable for those who like variety and don’t plan on taking care of the plants. Collect mono-bouquets of tulips, peonies, daisies, carnations, and other bright flowers and change them every week to suit your mood.
  • Potted flowers are an option for those who don’t want to buy bouquets often or don’t like cut flowers. Compact varieties are suitable for a bedside table: violets, hibiscus, geranium, and cyclamen.

Make sure no one in the household is allergic to pollen. Otherwise, you can simply add ordinary green non-flowering plants to the bedroom – they also have a positive effect on mood.

3. Put a diffuser in your bedroom 

Another way to influence the mood in the bedroom and make it cozier is to add spring scents. Put a diffuser in the room and pick up the interior perfume to your taste.

  • Those who love fresh aromas should look for notes of citrus, freshly cut grass, mint, and cotton in the composition.
  • For those who prefer sweetness, jasmine, rose or lily of the valley will do.
  • Those who want deeper and more complex notes will love white sandalwood, patchouli, tobacco, and vanilla.

4. Hang curtains that are appropriate for the season

Designers advise choosing two sets of curtains for the bedroom: for the cold and warm seasons. Winter curtains are usually thick, dark, or neutral, without patterns. They create a kind of barrier between the gray and cold landscape and a warm, cozy home. Spring and summer curtains, on the contrary, are selected so that they echo nature outside the window and enliven the interior. Colored light models with a floral or floral pattern are suitable. They can be two-layer: translucent light tulle and thicker curtains. Update the curtains with the arrival of spring: this will noticeably affect the mood in the bedroom, and add color and comfort to it.

5. Add colorful accessories

The easiest and most budget-friendly way to bring a touch of spring into your bedroom interior is to add decorations that you associate with spring. These can be colorful posters with drawings, miniature plants in hanging pots, wicker and knitted accessories, funny vases, and figurines. Everyone has their own idea of ​​spring, so take inspiration from interior bloggers’ photos or draw on your own associations to find a way to decorate your bedroom. 

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