Window Decor: 55 Inspirational Examples

Curtains are the most important textile component in the house. If a window in a room is compared with the eyes on the face, then the design of the window is with “make-up”, which can decorate the “face”, or maybe vice versa.

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Does a window always need to be accented? With good minimalist architecture and interesting space that you want to emphasize, the design of the curtains should be as calm as possible, perhaps even in the color of the walls. When architecturally there is nothing to brag about, and in our homes, it often happens, it is better to hang something noticeable on the window.

The bright color and ornament on the curtains draw attention to the window decoration and distract from everything else. For a large ornament, choose something plain or striped as companions, then the fabrics will not argue with each other. The more complex the fabric, the easier it should be. Conversely, the beauty of plain linen is picked up by the rhythm of the folds. So decide whether to buy a hundred meters of linen or ten meters of brocade. Both can be beautiful.

The more expensive, more beautiful, and more luxurious the fabric, the denser it is, the simpler the style of the curtain should be. Especially if the fabric has a large pattern. Small rooms are shown the lightest possible curtains – choose plastic fabrics, those that drape well.

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