Are the trends on trend? 5 designer opinions

How do those who make fashionable interiors and timeless things relate to trends? Five different experts answer a popular question.

Arik Levy:  “Trends are no longer trending. If everyone fixes any trend, then it has existed for at least two or three years, which means it is outdated. So I try to be ahead of the curve. Create something on the basis of which trends will then form. I prefer to be not a trendsetter, but a visionary. The task of a designer and any creative person in general is to take a step beyond the usual and look at things from the outside.» 

Paola Navone:  “People often ask me if I follow current trends. I don’t need it: I create trends myself. But do not think that the market forms trends. A trend is something new, and the market lives by the mainstream, it needs something that sells well, that is, familiar and understandable. From the market it is not necessary to expect reference points for the future. Trends are formed in the minds of designers. Well, and those people who work in development and promotion departments (there are such departments in companies).» 

Karim Rashid:  “I don’t like trends and I don’t really like the word ‘style’. The digital transformation of our world has led to the fact that due to an overabundance of visual information, we have lost the depth of perception. We do not see the landscape as a whole, but as if we are looking at it from a small window. In pursuit of trends, many designers imitate style. For example, industrial chic is already everywhere, there is no former originality in it. We can say that now we live in two worlds. One of them is artificial, kitsch of optical illusions, and the other is the real digital world. Design should be part of contemporary culture, not obsessed with style and trends.” 

Boris Berlin:  “Trends don’t interest me. Trends are ripples on the surface of the water. The development of a project can take several years – depending on a number of circumstances – two, three, even four years. What we do, we assume and hope, will live much longer than the trends of just two years. Trend and style don’t interest me. With all due respect to the “trend” designers. I have no idea what colors will be in fashion next fall – what difference does it make to me. I create a “body”, and what kind of “tattoo” someone else will depict on it is not important to me. My body must withstand all the trends and stay whole.” 

André Fu:  “Trends are something I always avoid. In the era of computer technology, trends have become so changeable and capricious that I prefer to watch them from afar. My personal perception of the interior is a focus on the needs of the client, achieving maximum comfort and quality. My task is not to support trends, but to create timeless classics, personal and unique.” 

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