Daniella Witte: Plants in the interior

In Scandinavian interiors, the connection with the environment is especially felt. Nature literally enters the house. How to achieve harmony and naturalness? What plants are present in the Scandinavian interior?

Textures and more Textures

Raw wood and coarse fabrics (I love linen) bring us back to the roots and give the interior a natural look. They match well with each other. I definitely introduce these materials into my interiors. In addition, they have certain tactile properties: you want to touch the wood, and the fabric is rough to the touch, all this gives a kind of interior experiment.

Landscape palette

In Sweden, as in all Nordic countries, nature is dim, dominated by gray, shades of brown, white, and a lot of green. My interiors are in this palette. They become an organic continuation of what we see outside the window. There is no dissonance, which means that we are on the way to harmony. After all, relaxation is not only a physical state but also a state of mind. 

Living plants

Or something similar. For example, you can make a composition from river pebbles or make a beautiful ikebana from branches with the first buds. Naturalness should not be strained. There may be few such details but to the point. Choose a background, and create an atmosphere. For example, this composition can be put on a chest of drawers in the living room, a console in the hall, or even on the mantelpiece. But try to make the composition readable. No need to put another ten next to it or fill up the shelf with books and various trifles.

Dry plants

Some types of plants are spectacular in the interior when they are dead. Sounds terrible, but it’s true. Large dry grass feathers in a huge vase are a magnificent duet and an art object from nature itself. 

Swedish stylist and photographer Daniella Witte maintains a blog for her studio and writes for several Swedish interior publications. In Scandinavia, her work is followed daily by thousands of readers. The main inspiration for Daniela is nature.

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