13 Main Interior Trends of Autumn 2024

Non-ferrous metals, an abundance of light, complex colors… What else awaits us in the new interior season? Here’s how to keep up with fashion this fall.

1. Metals

The fashion for non-ferrous metals in the design of living spaces is gaining momentum: starting with timid inclusions, metal elements have gradually occupied a very significant space in the interior.

2. Lots of light sources

Recently, designers all over the world have been trying to convey to us a simple idea: you can never have too many light sources. Pendants, sconces, garlands, illumination of shelves, cabinets, posters… A lot of light scenarios are an obvious trend for the coming autumn.

3. Complex colours

The bright interiors with bright inclusions of simple colors have tired everyone. Deep colors, complex color combinations, sophisticated palettes, as well as dark interiors, are in fashion. Why not?

4. Natural materials with a pronounced texture

Natural materials do not lose their relevance (and, let’s be realistic, they never will). However, the new season requires more from them: pronounced, obvious textures.

5. Versatility

The more functions a furnishing item can combine, the more desirable it is in the upcoming season. Benches, beds, armchairs, poufs with storage space; floor mirrors with rods and hooks; and Organizer lamps are multifunctional in fashion.

6. Transformation of space

The ability of space to transform when necessary is a complex but growing trend. Sliding partitions, screens, transparent partitions accompanied by curtains – we will see all this in the projects of modern designers more and more often.

7. Custom tiles

The usual layout and shape of the tiles is too boring. In autumn 2018, non-standard options are in fashion: hexagons, pentagons, rhombuses, and much more.

Patchwork layouts fade into the background, but the trend towards light hooliganism remains: the trend is a combination of identical tiles of different colors, single-color inclusions, mosaics, and even handmade tiles.

8. Unexpected stylistic inclusions

In principle, neat hooliganism is in fashion: solutions in which the interior in a certain style contains unexpected inclusions of elements of completely unrelated styles look especially elegant. It can be a brick wall in a classic space, an antique chest of drawers in a minimalist setting, or ethnic accessories in a Scandinavian interior.

9. Outdoor living space

As for the organization of space, Autumn 2024 still offers a course for maximum openness of the public area of the apartment. Kitchen, living room, dining room – the distinction is becoming more and more arbitrary.

10. Small imperfections

Handmade accessories, deliberately uneven walls, vintage furnishings, “refinement” of the mass market — small imperfections could not be more relevant. And for good reason: they make the environment more original and sincere.

11. Patterns & Ornaments

Plain textured textiles have not yet given up their positions, but along with it, autumn 2024 offers another trend – fabrics with a variety of patterns and ornaments. They add volume to the interior, make it more interesting, and attract the eye.

12. Playing with space

The coming autumn confirms the fashion not only for the actual transformation of space but also for a visual game with the boundaries of the room. Unexpected zoning techniques, a variety of reflective surfaces, and the transition of finishing materials and patterns from the floor to the walls and from the walls to the ceiling are in fashion.

13. Customization of the space

Maximum customization of space is an absolute trend. In an attempt to make the interior original and different from other designers, they are looking for new ways to bring a bright zest to the environment. An accent ceiling, artistic paintings, oversized lamps, unexpected places for familiar objects (a carpet on the wall, a bed under the ceiling) — let’s follow together what else the upcoming autumn 2024 has in store for us.

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