9 shade-loving plants you can buy at your nearest hypermarket

Dreaming of a plant for your home or office, but you only have dark places at your disposal? This dream can come true with the help of unpretentious representatives of the flora from our list.

1. Dracaena Marginata, or Dragon Tree

A tropical plant that looks very laconic, and will not spoil either the office or the modern residential interior. In very good conditions, it can grow up to 3 meters.

2. Anthurium

People also call it “Men’s Happiness”. It is a fairly common calla-like plant with red flowers. In summer, it does not like direct sunlight, and it is better to place it in partial shade, and in winter put it on the windowsill, especially since it does not take up much space.

3. Spathiphyllum

It is similar in appearance to the previous plant, only with white flowers. In contrast to the previous one, it is called “Women’s Happiness”. It needs diffused light. It can also exist in partial shade, but in this case, it will bloom less.

4. Ficus

This plant is deservedly considered prestigious, and it is often given as a gift. It looks noble because of the dense greenery and the soft shine of neat leaves. Direct sunlight is contraindicated for it, and you can place it next to a window with a light curtain. If you realize that it will still lack light (for example, it will stand in the back of the room), you can correct the situation with the help of phyto-lamps, which will add mystery to your interior.

5. Kalanchoe

The cozy plant native to Madagascar is loved for its unpretentiousness, soft leaves, and the possibility of easy propagation. It grows in both sun and shade and is often found in residential interiors.

6. Violet

Cute lavender flowers are indispensable in cozy kitchens and bedrooms. This flower has only one drawback – it will bloom for only one year, and the plant is usually annual. It can be placed on tables and shelves next to the window.

7. Monstera

A popular, but not yet boring plant that will make your interior stylish and fashionable. Ideal for bright, minimalist modern interiors.

8. Palm trees (e.g. Cikas Revoluta)

A wonderful tropical decoration for modern interiors, rooms that should be conducive to relaxation, and living rooms. Do not be afraid that your palm tree will rest on the ceiling: Cicas grows only up to 30-50 cm at home.

9. Asparagus

An unusual inhabitant whose leaves resemble feathers or algae. You can plant it in a very small pot, as in this photo, or you can fill part of the wall with it – it grows quite quickly even on a shelf on the wall opposite the window.

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