Inhale-exhale: 5 indoor plants that purify the air best

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home is to add indoor flowers. But, as it turned out, they are not only beautiful but also useful.

According to a NASA study, plants can reduce levels of indoor air pollutants—here’s what you should be paying attention to.


Sansevieria is one of the hardiest house flowers, able to grow in low light and moderate watering. It will decorate any apartment – vertical green and yellow leaves suit all interior styles. But this is not the only advantage of sansevieria: it turned out that in laboratory chambers where this plant is located, the concentration of ozone decreases faster than in chambers without it.


Chlorophytum is as hardy as Sansevieria, and a NASA study found it can remove 95% of formaldehyde, a substance that increases the risk of cancer and irritates the skin, eyes, nose, and throat, in 24 hours. Chlorophytum is also great for those who keep dogs and cats – it is not toxic to pets.

Hedera or indoor ivy

Hedera can be used as an interior vine that will wrap around cornices or a hanging basket. Indoor ivy has also proven to be the most effective plant for removing benzene, a toxic chemical found in tobacco smoke and industrial exhaust.


Spathiphyllum, which is often called “women’s happiness,” is one of the most popular indoor flowers. According to legend, the goddess of love Astarte breathed her joy into this plant on her day of joy, and since then it has brought happiness to every girl who happens to be near it. According to scientific data, spathiphyllum is capable of removing 80% of benzene and 23% of trichloroethylene, which causes depression of the central nervous system, from the chamber within a day.

Epipremnum aureus

Epipremnum aureus is a beautiful and unpretentious plant: it is nicknamed devil’s ivy because it is practically indestructible and remains green even when growing with almost no light. Epipremnum is able to remove 73% of benzene from the air per day, and also significantly reduce the level of formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

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