18 Things In Your Home That Can Be Decorated In Trendy Metallic Color

Metallic shades such as brass, copper, yellow, and rose gold captured the minds of designers last year and continue to be at the top of fashion trends. We have prepared a selection of 18 things that you can add right now to your interior.

Kitchen & Dining Room

1. Cutlery

Appliances in trendy metallic colors will bring a touch of eclectic chic to your everyday lunches and dinners.

2. Mini Plant Pots

Unpretentious plants can be stored on the windowsill of the kitchen or decorated with them on the open shelves of the kitchen set. The yellow metal will decorate the kitchen in both classic and modern styles.

3. Salt and pepper shaker

Instead of ceramic or wooden salt shakers and pepper shakers, put an option made of the current yellow metal.

4. Faucet and sink

A copper or brass faucet is one of the first fashion trends in modern kitchens. Compared to the usual white metals or stone faucets, copper and brass faucets look unusual and attract the eye.

And what can you say about such a shell, lined with yellow metal inside? Perfectly combined with stone countertops and porcelain tiles.

5. Fruit Bowl

Style is in the details. Make sure that the décor in the kitchen also looks beautiful. A fruit bowl in the trendy color of yellow metal will come to the rescue.

6. Coffee pot, milk jug, and sugar bowl

Such a mini set for coffee drinking in gold color looks luxurious. By the way, here we once again see how successfully the metallic color is combined with the marble pattern. Pick up similar coffee cups to complete the collection.

Bedroom & Living Room

1. Mirror

A stylish Art Deco mirror will bring a touch of eclectic chic to the interior of the bedroom or living room. It goes well with floral prints and velvet finishes. Take note.

2. Photo Frame

In such a frame, you can exhibit not only photographs but also collectibles. Hang several pieces on the wall asymmetrically and additional wall decorations will no longer be needed.

3. Candle holder for small candles

For those who love scented candles and care about aesthetics. Such a candle holder for small puck candles is the perfect option for you.

4. Candle holder for traditional candles

And this idea is for organizing romantic evenings. An exquisite candle holder in yellow metal on a thin stem will be a wonderful decoration for your table and can take its rightful place on the shelf in the living room as a beautiful décor.

5. Vase

Another décor option. A metal vase is a versatile accessory for the living room and bedroom. There will be a reason not to leave it empty.

6. Tray

A tray with a trendy yellow metal color does not have to be used for its intended purpose – it is a beautiful accessory. Place a vase of flowers and some candles on it.

7. Coffee Table

Again, an example of the beautiful combination of a marble pattern and the trendy color of brass. The table will decorate your living room.

8. Table Lamp

In a fashionable color, even a table lamp with an ordinary shape looks stylish and unusual.

9. Pillow Cover

An idea for a bright accent in a bright room is a copper-colored pillowcase with a shiny sheen.


1. Bathroom Set

A liquid soap dispenser, a soap dish, and a toothbrush cup – do you make sure they match the style of your bathroom? If not, it’s time to think about it. Such little things transform the interior. Take a look at the stylish options with yellow-gold motifs.

2. Tiles

If you want to add more color, lay out an accent wall in the bathroom. You can get inspired by this option.

3. Gold embossed wallpaper

Another idea for an accent wall is a goldfish. A stylish and unusual application of a fashionable shade. And it will definitely not bore the eye – in the bathroom, you can afford bold decisions.

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