Maximalism in the interior: Trends 2023/2024

The time has come to return active decor, collages, ornaments, and rich color to interior design. Perhaps this is a reaction to pure minimalism. One way or another, the style of the house defines “organized chaos.” This involves playing with colorful patterns, varied shapes, and creative combinations of opposites. If you master the principles behind this trend, it’s easy to strike an attractive balance between visual richness and a cozy atmosphere.

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In recent years, interiors have reflected a craze for Scandinavian understatement and sometimes a passion for cleaning inspired by Marie Kondo and the specials. For many, cutting things down to the essentials has been an important exercise in judgment and mindfulness. However, every trend creates a countertrend. During the pandemic, it became clear that having expensive things can cheer you up. In such a pleasant space, there are no strict rules. Instead, there is a colorful variety provided by the items and the personal stories associated with them.

Ornaments can be bright and flashy, run amok on the shelves and sideboards, break the usual rules and cross the boundaries of styles. Inconsistency is even desirable if it causes positive emotions. After all, we like to surround ourselves with the things we love, and it’s best to give in to that habit. New items from favorite designers share space with old family heirlooms or kitsch souvenirs. Plant lovers add it to the labyrinth of furniture: this is how they create an oasis of well-being inspired by nature.

Organized chaos

Maximalism gives freedom to “creative disorder” – it remains only to give it an attractive look. There are several basic principles for implementing this trend in the interior, so that the right effect occurs, and not confusion. The tips are as follows.

Every item should make you happy. By surrounding yourself with your favorite household items, you instantly boost your well-being.

More is more: bare walls often create a sterile atmosphere, while paintings, colors, and patterns breathe life into a room. The house has a place for everything and everything has its place: a little order in chaos will provide a healthy balance. The deliberate combination of seemingly incongruous items creates a winning look.

Take your time decorating: decorating and furnishing your home is a lifelong process, reflecting personal experience, preferences, and changes. Be bold: bright hues, colorful patterns, and eclectic contrasts energize the space.

While other styles often exalt a certain image, the charm of maximalism lies in its unbridled freedom, the desire to swim against the current to give individuality a chance. It takes a bit of courage but takes the pressure off creating the perfect home with a strict aesthetic. Then you need to think about a personal history that will unify the organized chaos. The background, image, or origin of an object is now an important purchase criteria.

Walls and floors

Floors and walls are the basis for complex color schemes, decorations, and arrangements. The return of the carpet can be seen in both modern floral motifs and richly decorated Persian kilims, where the classic red color makes the room visually warmer. As for the walls, the richness of extraordinary wallpapers is beyond imagination. From the abstract patterns on LondonArt’s OPUS wallpaper to the artistic crane motifs on Arte’s wallcoverings, there’s something for every taste. Such patterns can be easily used throughout the room to create an atmosphere, and not just as an accent. Decorative mirrored walls can be a great idea, especially in smaller spaces. And, of course, art on the walls is an integral part of the “maximalism” trend. Returns “trellis” hanging when images of all sizes are joined together, to create a harmonious whole. The courage to combine incongruous styles will help create an interesting aesthetic.

Maximalist furniture

Creativity is more valuable than ever. This is true both at home and in the professional sphere. Now furniture designers are half artists. Many offer eclectic designs and unusual ideas that are far from standard products. Maximalism allows you to give free rein to the flight of fantasy: form follows feeling, not function. Can an organic shaped sofa with velvet upholstery and a leopard-shaped coffee table be combined? Quite!

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