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Maximalist hotel in New Zealand

Naumi Studio Hotel Wellington has opened in New Zealand Wellington, the interiors of which are made in maximalist decor. The hotel is housed in a historic Edwardian building. As soon as visitors enter the lobby, they enter the realm of exuberant floral and geometric prints, excess color, and an abundance of textiles.

The hotel’s lamps are made like huge three-dimensional flowers – their design was developed by the Auckland studio Angus Muir Lighting Design. The flowers are reflected in the polished surfaces of the golden reception desk. Guests waiting for check-in can relax in soft arch-shaped niches covered with soft fabric. The setting for a maximalist interior is also visible in the bar area: an eclectic atmosphere is created with the help of mosaic tiles, fringed lamps and Roly Poly chairs from Faye Toogood. A calmer interior in the living room: it is decorated in emerald, mint and moss tones. However, here too, designers have added patterned carpets and striped planters.

The hotel has 116 rooms in total; their design is made in somewhat more muted shades. In addition, the ornament no longer plays a leading role: floral patterns are applied only on the head of the bed. The richly patterned interior is repeated only in the suites – here the walls are also covered with elaborate floral ornaments. The cost of rooms is from 180 euros per night.

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