Chairs: 50 models for interior designers

What are the trends in chair design? What is newly offered by leading brands in 2023?

The new idiom is strength and lightness. Chairs of craftsmanship such as Back-Wing, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina, combine the sumptuous quality of wood with the tactility of leather, and comfort with architectural form. The ergonomic slim profile should echo the curves of the human body. The back of the chair can then be wrapped like a sheet of paper around the back of the frame. Seamless, elegant upholstery celebrates softness and low volume.

All on a hike! Modern chairs are easy to lift and versatile. More and more models are stackable and designed for small spaces. Top brands are pushing the outdoor trend and making sure their chairs appeal to millennials, a generation that is ready to move and demands the same quality of nomadism from home furnishings .

Mix & match items are in fashion: designers combine several styles and materials in one model, which should look equally appropriate in the living room, in the bedroom, and on the terrace. Wicker fragments, removable fabric upholstery, and metal frames are increasingly common.  
Brands go out of their way to offer the ultimate in “customization” to the consumer.

Retro Today, designers design beautiful interiors based on furniture masterpieces of post-war modernism. What better than a beautiful mid-century modern chair with excellent proportions can give the room the necessary retro touch? For example, a chair with a female name Coco, Gubi’s novelty of the year. The Danes borrow the industrial simplicity of the Bauhaus, flaunting minimal use of materials and techniques without sacrificing design or character. The result is a post-industrial look that is balanced by an elegant silhouette where rounded lines create a feminine, playful touch. 

“Under the elbows” . Of all the chairs, the most popular are those designed with armrests. These are intended primarily for modern dining rooms. And since today dining rooms are combined with living rooms and kitchens, chairs should also correspond to a new role – to be an effective addition to the front areas of the house, while not changing functionality.

Scandinavian tree . Wooden models, heirs of design icons Hans Wegner or Börge Mogensen, are not getting smaller. In honor, either light wood, or a black graphic silhouette. In 2018, even well-known Italian brands began to produce Danish-style furniture. Unsurprisingly, New Nordic style has won the hearts of consumers on both sides of the Atlantic.

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