Residential Art Object: Interior with an Artistic Context

A small apartment, inherited and equipped for seasonal living, looks like a tastefully “fashioned” art object. Original, precisely placed accents create an atmosphere worthy of the historical environment of the city.

A miniature “three-room apartment” is located in a brick house built in the 60s. of the last century in the quiet center. The apartment is located on the top, fourth floor, the windows face the green courtyard, and a lot of light enters the interiors.

For relaxation in the warm season, the spouses needed a living-dining room, a kitchen with a minimum set of household appliances, a separate bedroom, and a spacious bathroom with a shower. They also needed a technical cabinet for the supply ventilation system. In addition, the customer had two wishes: a bio-fireplace and a chaise longue by Le Corbusier.


Rectangular in plan, the apartment with a small step-notch in the entrance area and a miniature balcony with the current living room was divided into three compartments, a pantry, and a separate bathroom, connected by corridors. Fortunately, none of the partitions were load-bearing, so they were removed.

During the renovation, the bathroom was combined, and the entrance area, the living-dining room, and the kitchen were zoned using finishing techniques and a partition with translucent elements. Only the bedroom was allocated to a separate room, adding to it the territory of the former pantry. A small dressing room was built in the hallway.

The customer, a successful middle-aged man with established tastes, gave me relative freedom while working on the project and during its implementation. I also took into account the appearance of the St. Petersburg apartment of the client, designed by another architect. The apartment provides a variety of storage places: a dressing room, a wardrobe built into a niche in the hallway, a wardrobe with mirrored doors in the bedroom and a multifunctional carpentry partition in the living room. Given the powerful insolation, the bedroom window was equipped with an electric black-out curtain in addition to the usual curtains. A washing machine is built into the kitchen under the countertop. The railing on the balcony was painted.

Architectural workshop of Margarita Rasskazova


New frame partitions were erected from double drywall, between the sheets of which mineral wool was laid for sound insulation. The walls were covered with wallpaper for painting and painted white. The floor was covered with a parquet board in two tones: dark and slightly lighter; porcelain tiles were used in the hallway and bathroom, under which heating was mounted.

The ceilings were leveled with plasterboard and lowered minimally. The doors to the bedroom and the balcony are hinged, and the other two – to the bathroom and dressing room – are sliding. In the living room, the air conditioner was attached to a common partition with the corridor. The kitchen apron made of artificial stone is a single design with a countertop.

The living room and kitchen are separated by a non-standard partition, all its details are made to order. The design is made of chipboard with lamination and veneering of individual parts. From the side of the living room, a bio-fireplace with the necessary thermal insulation is built into the partition, and a storage system is built into the facade facing the kitchen.

Its three push-pull doors resemble three-dimensional crystals. A cable channel passes through one section for connecting equipment to a TV. Rhythmic vertical elements and transparent structures correspond to the concept of open space.


A stylistic solution with elements of functionalism and art deco was set by a bio-fireplace and a remake of a couch from a famous architect. The main accent detail of the studio is the original partition between the living room and the corridor/kitchen, with a built-in bio-fireplace. The elegant silhouette of a black chaise lounge resonates with a picturesque panel (a copy of a fragment of an engraving by Frans Maserel), and its active graphic lines are complemented by an unusual spider chandelier.

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