What colors went out of fashion in 2022

Basic and additional tones in the interior are no longer in vogue, but instead, there are shades to be aware of. Millennial pink, tangerine, light yellow, purple, and bright red were the least popular colors in 2022. All these shades received less than 5% of the votes of designers, and red – only 1%.

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Online platform 1stdibs conducted a survey of more than 750 interior designers to identify the color trends that will prevail in our homes in 2022, as well as the colors we will be abandoning. According to the forecasts of professionals, we will leave behind the pink millennials, as well as other shades that often prevailed in the interiors.

Dark blue and gray

There is also a decrease in interest in dark blue (a drop of 43%), mustard yellow (a decrease of 27%), and light gray (a decrease of 25%). The gray color, which dominated the trends of recent years, will lose its position in 2022. However, this shift may only be seen in the world of interiors. The design industry is changing: new trends are emerging, old ones are being rethought, and our perception of beauty is in constant flux. In addition, the last two years have been challenging and unfamiliar, and in this light, our homes and corporate offices have taken on a new meaning and, accordingly, a different décor.


While dark blue seems to have lost its appeal among designers, another shade of blue has taken its place: cobalt. This tone is expected to become the most popular blue in 2022 and change interior design trends for months to come. The navi shade has long been a favorite in the design world: it was chosen for its associations with nature, water and sky. However, the interior palette needs to be diversified from time to time: cobalt blue has the attractiveness of the previous tone, but its effect in the interior is much brighter. Cobalt, with its bright and joyful aura, will enliven any color scheme – whether it’s a fresh interpretation of the setting with small accessories (such as blue and white Chinese porcelain) or a spectacular wall. This color is expected to dominate our color habits for many seasons.

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