13 Common Mistakes in Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian style is one of the most popular in interior design, however, when working with it, many people make unforgivable mistakes. Let’s figure out which ones, and fix the situation together.

1. Forget about lighting

There is always a lot of light in Scandinavian interiors. And this applies to both natural lighting and artificial. Is your Scandi apartment too dark? It’s time to fix it! Free windows from curtains or change to curtains that let the sun’s rays through as much as possible. Add additional light sources: sconces, floor lamps, and lights will help out.

2. Turn to synthetic materials

The Scandinavian style insists on the maximum environmental friendliness of materials. And If in small things you can slightly deviate from this rule, then the decoration, furniture, and textiles should still be selected, focusing on naturalness. Otherwise, there is a risk that the situation will look cheap.

3. Ignore ergonomics

In pursuit of a beautiful picture, many people forget that the main idea of ​​​​Scandinavian interiors is a convenience for everyday life. Therefore, in no case should one ignore ergonomics, especially for the sake of embellishment. 

If you constantly go around something, stumble over something, and hurt something, you should remove the excess, review the arrangement of furniture and correct the organization of functional areas in the apartment.

The Scandinavian design does not stand still, every season brings new trends. This, of course, does not mean that you should blindly follow them all, but you should not completely abandon actual accessories either.

5. Leave the walls empty

Excessive enthusiasm for minimalism and empty walls are not the best solution for an interior designed in the Scandinavian style. You should not leave the walls completely bare, there are many ways to decorate them – from catchy to concise.

6. Too Much wall decor

However, there is another extreme – overly active, massive wall decor. This decision is also not at all in the spirit of Scandinavian interiors.

Try to keep a balance: if you have designed an accent wall, the rest can be left empty or limited to minimal decor; if the hung paintings and posters are full of colors, choose the rest of the decor in calmer shades.

7. Lose sight of non-residential premises

Scandi-interior implies coziness, comfort, and well-thought-out organization of space in literally every corner of the apartment. No spontaneous warehouse on the balcony and heaps of shoes in the hallway: try to pay attention to absolutely all rooms, including non-residential ones.

8. Make your life difficult

Many housewives are using a lot of useful accessories in scandi interiors for efficient use of space and compact storage. However, it is important to remember that the use of such accessories should increase comfort and simplify household activities, and not complicate your life.

If during the cooking process, you keep opening a bunch of boxes and containers to find the right seasoning, and a lot of railings and open shelves (as well as jars and bottles on them) require constant wiping of dust and grease, it’s time to reconsider your approach to organizing space.

9. Excluding plants

Living houseplants are a must-have element of a Scandinavian setting. Moreover, it is almost impossible to overdo it in this matter: the most “green” interiors are in trend.

10. Not adding personality

A beautiful, but completely featureless interior, more reminiscent of a hotel room, is not uncommon. This is due to the lack of individuality: be sure to add accessories to your Scandinavian environment that reflect your hobbies, hobbies, and life philosophy. Moodboards, display shelves for mini-collections, lettering, books, and magazines will help with this.

11. Overdoing the comfort

In pursuit of comfort, it is easy to overdo it – and now decorative pillows, blankets, posters, candles, and other accessories merge into a single visual noise. Be careful and follow the measure. When in doubt, buy decor gradually, not in bulk: it’s easier to understand when it’s time to stop.

12. Forgetting about comfort

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about comfort at all either: the Scandinavian style involves the presence of textured textiles, and decorative sofa cushions, and the Scandinavians taught the whole world to light candles and turn on lamps with soft, subdued light.

13. Nothing to change

The Scandinavian style of interior design is dynamic, developing. If you want to create a “timeless” setting, turn to the classics or another relatively static style. Having chosen scandi design, be prepared to make changes and add relevant solutions from time to time.

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