11 Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Interior More Comfortable Now

Do you want to make your home much more organized and comfortable, while spending a minimum of time, effort, and money? We tell you and show you how.

1. Rearrange

Sometimes a simple rearrangement can significantly improve the interior. Be guided by the rules of ergonomics. If you’re constantly tripping over a piece of furniture or walking around it dozens of times every day, it’s a sure sign that it should be moved to a more comfortable location. Do you regularly touch a hinged shelf with your shoulder? Outweigh it! Do you constantly step over the pouf? Move! Do you drop figurines, vases, or photo frames? Just find them another place.

Remember: first of all, the interior should be comfortable for your everyday life.

2. Get rid of the clutter

It would seem to be an obvious and simple piece of advice, but for some reason many people neglect it, turning their apartment into an accumulation of unnecessary pieces of furniture, things, and accessories. Take a fresh look at your interior and get rid of everything that makes it outdated and cluttered.

Go through your wardrobe and throw away or give to those in need everything that you haven’t worn for a long time. Involve the younger members of the family in the “revision” and find good hands for the toys for which your children are already too big. Do not store souvenirs and decorative accessories for years if they no longer evoke warm emotions and memories. And, of course, items from the category of “just a pity to throw away” have no place in your home.

3. Complete the cabinets with storage baskets

Storage baskets will help to expand the potential of your cabinets and bring order to them. You will see how much more convenient and easier it will be to find the thing you need.

4. Set up a charging station for your gadgets

Wires spoil the interior and make it messy. Why not set up a charging station for your gadgets – for example, in a drawer of a desk or chest of drawers? Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Understand Refrigeration

If finding something in your fridge is not an easy task, and it’s almost impossible to get one without dropping another along the way, it’s time to organize storage. Yes, the space inside the refrigerator also needs your attention. Get plastic and glass containers, and take a closer look at special delimiters and organizers for bottles.

6. Clean up your supply locker

Your supply locker also requires organization. See how neat and stylish pasta, cereals, and other bulk products look when placed in special containers.

7. Find a permanent place for the remotes

Remotes (TV, air conditioner, etc.) often do not have a permanent place in the house — and therefore they wander from the sofa to the coffee table, from the chest of drawers to the armchair. Find them a permanent place and you won’t have to look for the remote control you need throughout the apartment; You can buy a special organizer or make it yourself.

8. Trust Hanging Organizers

They will be especially appropriate in the bathroom, in wardrobes, and walk-in closets, and will also help to use the inside of doors and cabinet doors for storage. Bonus: it will not be difficult to make such an organizer on your own.

9. Organize the space under the sink

Here’s a little secret: the more organized the space under your sink, the more usefully you can use it.

10. Buy a basket for pillows and blankets

If you have decorative pillows on your sofas, and you use warm blankets in the cold season, invest in a storage basket for them and store your cozy textiles neatly there when you are not using them.

11. Get a pouf

A pouf is a compact and multifunctional piece of furniture. It can act as a footstool, or an additional seat, and if you put a tray on it, it can also serve as a coffee table. Get one and see how much more comfortable your interior will become.

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