Psychologist: what does your bedroom say about you?

The bedroom, regardless of the size, always reflects the character of the owner, and tells about his habits, preferences, and needs.

It is not only about interior design but also about the organization of space. Even absolutely identical rooms can be planned in different ways. We asked a psychologist to tell us how a bedroom can lift the veil of its owner’s personal life and tell us about his character and habits.

According to the way people perceive the world, people are divided into Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic.

In the first case, a person cognizes the surrounding reality mainly with the help of sounds, timbre, and volume. For visuals, color, and shape matter the most. And it is easier for kinesthetics to perceive the world through touch and sensation.

Auditory prefer to listen to quiet music or the murmur of the TV in the bedroom. They fall asleep perfectly to the sound of rain, and sometimes they need to hear the noise of the city in order to fall asleep.

In the interior of their bedroom, there is always a TV and an alarm clock with a radio. And the phone, most likely, they do not put on silent mode.

Visuals like looking at a dying candle or a fire in a fireplace before going to bed. They can watch TV without sound, read a book or watch fish in an aquarium.

Visuals in the bedroom often have paintings, and lots of designer stuff to look at before bed and relax.

Kinesthetics prefer a soft bed, comfortable pajamas, and a fluffy pillow. They turn off the light and turn off the sound because, for a sound and full sleep, they have enough sensations from their body. It is kinesthetics who choose a large comfortable bed, while others are content with a folding sofa.

However, in the kinesthetic bedroom, you can find a yoga mat or dumbbells.  

Those who, remembering an event in life, first of all, remember the aroma, prefer to apply essential oils to the skin or light an aroma candle before going to bed.

And when they wake up, they enjoy the smell of pastries or freshly brewed coffee.

We also pay attention to the leisure preferences of the loved one with whom we share a bedroom.

After all, it helps each of us to enjoy sleep, and gain new strength in order to wake up with a wonderful feeling of the fullness of life’s possibilities and the pleasure of a new day.

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