Where to hang a lamp in the bedroom

“Bedroom is for sleeping only” is a major mistake when planning a renovation. It is unlikely that you will feel comfortable reading a book before going to bed with one lamp in the room. Or apply makeup at a makeup table with general lighting. Therefore, think through all the scenarios in advance and draw up an electrical plan. And we will tell you how to hang the lamps.

1. At the head of the bed

The first lighting scenario is a soft light near the head of the bed. It is essential for reading and any other bedtime rituals. The easiest solution would be table lamps.

It is necessary to know in advance the height of the bedside tables and the width of the bed in order to correctly mark the place for sockets on both sides.

Provide access to outlets for mobile devices. Also, think about the lamp control. Perhaps it will be a wall switch.

To free up space on the bedside table, you can mount a sconce. They will perfectly highlight the area behind the headboard.

We recommend choosing a sconce with an adjustable base. They can be pressed tightly against the wall, and if necessary, put forward at the optimal distance for proper lighting.

The approximate height for placing a sconce above the bed is 120-160 cm from the floor.

Now beautiful hangings in the bedroom on both sides of the head of the bed are gaining popularity. Here it is necessary to take into account their location. 

The lampshade should hang down at a distance of 50 cm from the bed and strictly above the bedside tables.

2. General lighting

The main lighting in the bedroom should create a soft diffused light that favorably promotes rest and relaxation. 

Avoid bright, high-wattage bulbs. In the bedroom, pendant lighting above the bed is impractical, the ceiling can be accidentally touched. Therefore, we recommend using short pendants or ceiling chandeliers and lamps with frosted glass.

3. At the makeup table

An additional lighting scenario must be provided if the bedroom has a makeup table.

The ideal option would be triple mirror lighting: a sconce on top and two lamps on either side of it. An alternative option may be a dressing room mirror, for which it will be necessary to provide an outlet.

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