6 tips to make a dark apartment brighter and happier

A dark apartment is a real problem. The lack of daylight has a bad effect on our mood and well-being, it can even cause apathy and depression. And a poorly lit room looks cramped even with solid dimensions.

Usually residents of high-rise buildings with small windows oriented to the north face this problem. But with the approach of winter – almost everything.

Our tips will help not only visually make the interior lighter, but also really increase the amount of daylight in the apartment.

1. Remove everything from the windows

For maximum light to enter through the window, nothing should interfere with it on the way.

Heavy velvet curtains look luxurious in the interior, but in a dark room, it is better to refuse them in favor of transparent tulle or light curtains made of natural materials. Lightweight fabrics allow light to freely fill the room. 

A greenhouse on the window will also make the room dark. It is better to refuse flowers or rearrange them from the windowsill to the floor or rack.

Well, the easiest way to let light into the room is to wash the windows. Clear glasses transmit light much better than cloudy ones.

2. The balcony

Most often, the darkest room in the apartment is the one with a balcony. Glazing, curtains, and trash on the balcony interfere with daylight. But even in this case, the problem can be solved.

Disassemble things, remove the curtains, wash the windows thoroughly, and you will immediately notice how the room will become much brighter. 

3. Add mirrors

A simple but effective way: hang a mirror on the wall opposite the window and the amount of light in the room will double.

Other mirror surfaces also help to make the room brighter: glossy furniture facades and polished metal elements.

However, you should not use all these techniques at once in one room, otherwise, your home will resemble a magpie’s nest. In pursuit of light, do not forget about the balance in the interior.

4. Use light shades

Dark colors absorb light, while light colors reflect. Moreover, the closer the shade to white, the greater its reflectivity. 

White color reflects the most, but if you are not a fan of snow-white interiors, use pastel shades in decoration and furniture.

5. Add “sun”

To make the interior warmer and happier, add sunny colors: yellow, orange, and red. Or more muted warm shades: peach, powdery, sandy, pale pink.  

The yellow metal will also add a sunny mood. Pick up gold furniture fittings, brass figurines, or lamps with copper lampshades – such an interior will definitely no longer look dark and dull.

6. Consider artificial lighting

In dark rooms, artificial lighting should be given special attention – one chandelier on the ceiling is definitely not enough.

To make the atmosphere cozy at any time of the day, consider several lighting scenarios for functional areas: a sconce by the sofa, a floor lamp by the chair, and a table lamp in the workplace. You can additionally highlight paintings, posters, and photos on the wall. 

A great solution is to use track ceiling lights. They can be moved and illuminate the darkest corners of the room.

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