5 ready-made color combinations for the bedroom

Deciding on the choice of colors for the bedroom is very difficult. Firstly, this is an important room, in which we rest, relax and gain strength for the whole day. Secondly, we want to wake up in a great mood, and this largely depends on the color combinations around us.

We decided to make this task a little easier and picked up five ready-made solutions that you might like.

1. Saturated background and delicate accents

As you know, blue is a calm color that promotes relaxation. However, its deep shade is worth choosing if your bedroom has enough natural light. Otherwise, the room will be gloomy, especially in winter.

Intense blue goes well with the whole spectrum of pastel colors. In this case, beige and pistachio were taken as accents.

2. Contrasting combinations

Very modern and not boring – waking up in such a bedroom, you immediately tune in to a positive mood. The basis of the interior is a calm dusty pink color, and bright accents are terracotta, lilac, and aquamarine.

3. Cold colors

It seems that in this bedroom there is always fresh, cool air and it is easy to breathe, don’t you think? It’s all about gentle, like watercolor, with cold shades on the main white color.

True, this option is not for small rooms – although the shades are light, they will look faded in a small room.

4. Unbanal choice

Very unusual – a salmon wall, and even a textured, bright bed and an ironic decor. Of course, this option is not for everyone. And there is also the possibility that bright colors will quickly get boring.

On the other hand, the bedroom is not the kitchen or the living room; we don’t spend much time in it. But look how positive and life-affirming this one looks!

5. Bright but not flashy

A versatile option – appropriate in large and small bedrooms, with good or insufficient natural light. Positive blue, bright orange, and universal light gray are pleasing to the eye, harmonious combinations that are relevant for many years.

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