7 cozy bedrooms in Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian-style bedroom combines the Nordic character and maximum closeness to nature: natural materials, laconic finishes, calm palette – this environment contributes to a good rest. That’s why so many people love the Scandinavian style.

1. Bright bedroom with lots of storage space

This interior is designed in light colors, there is an exit to the balcony with a full glass door – the bedroom turned out to be airy and light. 

Textile light gray headboard and cozy neutral palette are conducive to a relaxing holiday. The designer did not forget about storage places: spacious wardrobes were made to order according to individual sizes.

2. Bedroom in blue tones

To decorate the room, the designer used a cold color scheme – gray and various shades of blue – and a minimum of decor. In such an environment, the air seems cooler and fresher.

And the flooring and furniture made of natural wood add warmth and comfort to the Scandinavian interior. 

3. Spacious bedroom with bright finishes

In this interior, the sleeping area was combined with a dressing room – storage systems were hidden behind a partition with a TV. Wood paneling and paint were used to finish the walls.

The designer added some soothing blue color to the interior. Against the background of which white furniture looks especially advantageous.

4. Boring bedroom in bright colors

The interior of this bedroom was decorated in natural soothing colors. We took a light green color as a basis and added some contrasting powdery shades. The room turned out to be spacious, bright, and conducive to relaxation.

For storing things, a wardrobe was designed throughout the wall, and a cozy work area was arranged nearby. 

5. Gray bedroom with laconic decor

Residents allocated a room in the center of the apartment for a bedroom. The entrance to it is from the side of the corridor, one of the walls of the room is completely occupied by a built-in wardrobe.

For finishing, a rich cold gray color was chosen. And in order to soften and enliven the interior a little, we added cozy textiles, indoor plants, and pale pink pillows. 

6. Bedroom with interesting details

The interior of this bedroom is concise, but at the same time not boring. There are gray striped wallpapers on the walls, and furniture and textiles were matched to match them. A bright accent is a picture with an urban plot. 

For the desktop and dresser doors, the designer used a beautiful Japanese Tamo ash veneer.

7. Cozy bedroom with terracotta wall

The base is warm colors. They decided to make an accent on the salmon-colored wall at the head of the bed. Accessories and textiles also add bright colors to the interior.

A large built-in wardrobe was placed in the bedroom, and a cozy reading corner was arranged near the window.

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