10 original ways to use IKEA shelves and racks

Furniture from the Swedish furniture giant’s range does not have to be used for its intended purpose. Here are some good ideas on this matter.

1. Custom storage system

Just look at this photo: do you think this is some kind of unusual and intricate designer wall storage system? Take a closer look and you will see that it is made up of the most ordinary shelves from the IKEA range. Looks original, doesn’t it?

And these photos show combinations of Billy’s shelving. Due to the fact that models of different widths were arranged and some of the shelves were removed, the system looks much less recognizable and more original.

2. Full-wall library rack

IKEA’s most popular bookcase, Billy, can serve as the basis for creating such a spacious wall-sized storage system. The stages of work are clearly shown in step-by-step photographs: please note that no supernatural efforts were required.

3. Furniture for dressing room

IKEA shelves and racks, thanks to their gentle pricing policy and flexible size range, are perfect for arranging dressing rooms.

4. Bench

Kallax rack, among other things, is loved by many because it can be placed both vertically and horizontally. In the second case, he copes well with the role of a bench, judge for yourself:

5. Dollhouse

If your child dreams of a toy house, you can please your child and organize stylish housing for his dolls on the shelves of IKEA racks. Bonus: your little one won’t have to lay out and collect toys every time, and you won’t have to trip over doll furniture anymore.

6. Furniture for TV area

Racks and shelves from the Swedish furniture giant’s range do an excellent job of serving as a TV stand, or even an entire TV wall, just take a look:

7. Nightstand

Life hack: if you do not expect additional storage from the bedside table and do not intend to use its surface for any displays, you can safely abandon this piece of furniture in favor of a compact shelf. Also, the idea will appeal to those who simply do not have room for a nightstand next to their bed.

If, on the contrary, the bedside table provides, in your opinion, not enough space to accommodate everything you need (or if you are a supporter of open storage), replace it with a mini-rack.

8. Furniture for kitchen

IKEA racks and shelves also do an excellent job as kitchen furniture. Of course, it is better not to place them in the immediate vicinity of the stove and sink, but otherwise, they can effectively complement the set.

9. Zoo corner

Do you have a pet? You can use racks and shelves to create a cozy corner for it. By the way, IKEA even has special inserts for the Kallax system. 

10. Bed

Take a look at this bed: three shelves from the Swedish brand serve as a platform for the mattress. Moreover, by moving one of them to the side, you can gain access to very spacious storage (according to the creator, it can fit two travel suitcases, a large box, as well as the drum kit of a teenage boy – the owner of the room). Not to mention the numerous baskets and storage drawers that complement the podium.

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