Plant motifs in the interior: 7 reasons to use a design technique and 5 best ideas

Floral prints are at the peak of popularity. Leading brands introduce them into their collections, famous designers use them in their projects. Is it worth introducing a fashionable element into your home decor and how best to do it? We’ll tell you and show you.

7 reasons to use plant motifs in the interior

1. Current trend

A simple and quick way to freshen up your decor is to add plant motifs to it. This is a current trend that will give any interior a new sound, and at the same time will not require excessive investment of time and effort.

2. Feeling comfortable

Plants make the atmosphere more lived-in and cozy. Incredibly, this rule works even if you do add not fresh indoor flowers to your decor, but just plant prints.

3. Neutral print

Floral prints are quite neutral: there is hardly a person who doesn’t like them. This point is especially important when decorating an apartment for a large family or housing for rent.

4. Notes of spontaneity

Floral motifs definitely cannot be called strict or pretentious: such prints and decorative elements have a slight charm of spontaneity – and carefully introduce the appropriate character into the environment. This feature can be used, for example, if the interior seems too elaborate, or “hotel-like”. 

5. Possibility to use in different styles

Although plant motifs do not have absolute stylistic neutrality, they can still be used quite widely: in Scandinavian, classic, eclectic, industrial interiors. Such elements will be an excellent addition to eco-style, neoclassical, contemporary, and many others.

6. Compatibility with natural materials

Another indisputable advantage of plant prints is their excellent compatibility with natural materials. But modern interiors are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, and natural finishing materials often turn out to be almost the main leitmotif in the decor.

7. Unobtrusiveness

An important feature of plant motifs is their unobtrusiveness. They are practically incapable of boring, and this is a very valuable property, which allows you to choose such prints not only as temporary decor but also for wallpaper, upholstery, carpets, etc.

5 ideas for using plant motifs in the interior

1. Textiles

The easiest way to add floral prints to your interior is to update your textiles. Bath and kitchen towels, decorative pillows, bed linens, tablecloths – these neutral motifs will look great absolutely anywhere. You may even decide to change the upholstery of your upholstered furniture, who knows?

2. Wall Decor

Another quick and inexpensive move is to choose floral motifs for wall decor. Paintings, posters, photographs – that’s not all. You can place fabric with your favorite prints in a frame under glass. Or, say, use dried plants for these purposes.

3. Wallpaper or tiles

An unobtrusive plant pattern will look great on the walls. Unless, of course, you plan to decorate in a minimalist style or opt for a brutal masculine interior .

4. Dishes

Dishes with plant motifs will make the table setting more modern and sophisticated.

5. Important little things

You can also introduce floral patterns into your decor using smaller details: for example, replacing furniture fittings or wallpapering the inside walls of shelving .

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