What curtains to hang in spring? 8 Inspirational Ideas

A complex pink hue, with a bright pattern, or translucent ones that allow sunlight to pass through? We share beautiful ideas for spring window updates.

1. Snow-white floor-length

In the spring, you want to open the windows as much as possible (especially if you have just washed them) and let natural light into the rooms. In April, there is a lot of sun, but it is not yet too “evil” – the perfect time to replace thick winter curtains with light tulle. To make it comfortable, choose translucent fabrics: for example, snow-white floor-length curtains, like here.

2. A complex shade of pink

Spring is associated with different colors, but one of the traditional ones (along with green and blue) is pink. It is delicate, pleasant to the eye, and reminiscent of flowers that have already bloomed or are about to open buds. Curtains in this range will immediately add freshness to the room and create the right mood. Just choose not an open, too simple color, but a more complex shade to make the textile look more interesting.

3. Floral

Another classic move is to renew textiles with the arrival of spring and add floral ornaments through them. It can be classic roses, unusual tropical plants, cute daisies – anything that will suit the overall style of your home. Such curtains will look especially good in the bedroom in combination with the same “floral” bed linen and, if you want to enhance the effect, a bouquet of fresh flowers.

4. Light multi-layered

If you like color minimalism and the idea of letting as much light into the room as possible, but at the same time you want coziness and protection from the sun, hang not just one curtain on the windows, but a pair. It can be tulle and drapes, as in the example in the photo, or two different types of curtains made of loose fabric. Let them be in neutral shades so as not to distract attention from other details of the interior. On the other hand, it flows beautifully and creates a play of light and shadow on different surfaces.

5. Bright plains

Another approach is to add a really bright accent to the interior, which will immediately liven up the environment, and fill the space with color and positivity. So if you are not afraid of experiments and saturated shades, choose curtains in one of them. But give up the ornaments, otherwise it may turn out too colorful and overloaded.

6. In the color of early greenery

The landscapes outside the window become really green by May, but at the beginning and in the middle of spring in our latitudes, you have to admire the pale marshy grass of last year. But who’s to say it’s bad? You can support the not-obvious shade of green with curtains of a similar color. They are a little brighter than the basic ones, but at the same time, they will not be annoying. And they will also connect the interior and the surrounding nature.

7. With a funny ornament

Spring is frivolity in a good way. It’s time to send traditional winter plots and patterns “on vacation” until the next season and replace them with curtains with a cute, funny, or just easy-to-perceive pattern. It can be bright or non-contrasting, depending on your preference. The theme is also not limited to the standard spring associations. For example, the owner of this apartment chose curtains with large white shells.

8. Short with décor

Another compromise way to visually unload the window with the arrival of spring is to hang short curtains up to the windowsill instead of long floor-to-ceiling drapes with heavy folds. Choose a nice pastel shade for them that you associate with this time of year. You can also find fabric with decorative elements: tassels, fringes, loops, etc.

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