Trends 2023/2024: home bar

The modern lifestyle involves a closer focus on individual habits, activities, and features of everyday life. Yoga rooms and home beauty parlors, music rooms, and libraries are gaining ground. The kitchen, integrated into the living space, enriches its hospitality functions. For example, the Florentine kitchen furniture and equipment brand Officine Gullo has introduced Bar & Lounge. The collection includes everything you need to design a home bar: from fully equipped wall cabinets, shelves, and racks, to bar carts and other mobile objects.

Officine Gullo takes design outside the kitchen for the first time, using his creativity to create environments with a modern, cosmopolitan feel. According to the manufacturers, items created by Officine Gullo can complement any interior. Thanks to individual elements that can be easily combined with each other, the Bar & Lounge collection adapts to any requests and needs of customers and adapts to the architectural features of the space.

The stainless steel structures can be painted in any RAL color or other shades available on request, as well as featuring an iconic brass finish. Officine Gullo also offers to pick up household appliances and equip the bar area with additional features: furniture, wine coolers, ice bins and ice makers, sinks and faucets, and shelves for storing drinks will create a professional bar for noisy events or house parties.

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