Colors of the year 2023/2024 according to WGSN

WGSN experts together with Coloro called the fall/winter palette 2023-2024. The five colors reflect the “different paths” consumers will face as they change their lifestyles and set their directions for the future. Colors are described as “motivating forces” that will help reconnect with qualities we may have overlooked during the pandemic: healing, discovery, transformation, simplicity, and pleasure.

This palette was chosen for its renewing and energizing properties. Health and healing will be a priority for one part of the audience, while for others, discovery and travel will “ignite the imagination,” WGSN said. “These key colors reflect changing behaviors and are sensitive to people’s changing emotional states and lifestyles,” said Jenny Clark, head of the color at WGSN. “We believe confidence will return and bright, energetic colors will resonate, linking travel, discovery, and imagination. Conversely, healing and soothing tones will appeal to those who seek to calm and balance their body and mind.” The universal color palette also takes into account the interest of consumers in durable and versatile products.

“With a holistic approach to health, the emotion-driven design will be key, as consumers will need to feel supported in building their vision for the future,” WGSN said.

Space dust

Color trends are influenced by everything, up to the “space race of billionaires.” Astro Dust, a red shade of medium tone that “resembles the dusty and desolate landscape of Mars,” is associated with an obsession with interplanetary exploration. “As commercial space travel evolves and space tourism becomes a reality, the colors of the universe will excite and inspire us,” WGSN said in a statement.

Galactic cobalt

The modern space age will also spark the popularity of a new hyper-bright shade of blue. Under the influence of new technologies, Galactic Cobalt creates a feeling of “escape from reality and augmented reality”, but at the same time can be used in different ways. WGSN states that versatile and technical color will be a natural choice for functional outerwear, consumer technology, and virtual experience. However, the richness of galactic cobalt allows it to be used as a key tone for everyday clothes, accessories, and cosmetics, as well as interiors. It can be made multidimensional with transformative finishes, satin luster, metallics, and anodizing.

A shade of sage leaves

The green Sage Leaf gives a breather from the world of technology. The pandemic has brought back hobbies such as gardening, baking, and hand sewing, and these forgotten pursuits are expected to encourage a slower lifestyle. “As we further adjust our lifestyle, we will be sensitive to overstimulation and will pay attention to the environment and colors, which reduce anxiety and stress. The sage leaf is a quiet and soothing green color that evokes contemplation, rest, and reflection.” We can expect how the therapeutic properties of sage leaves will come to life in different materials: faux fur, soft knitwear, velvet and washed linen. This color will also be important for the “reductive, thoughtful design” of the home as the color of the walls and furniture.

Crushed apricot

The appearance in the line of juicy Apricot Crush proves that the color can be both joyful and nutritious. Described as a “shade containing vitamins,” the mid tone orange is a “fruity injection of the energy of the season.” Color also turns out to be a major shift from soft, pastel tones to brighter and more invigorating shades that will bring a warming glow to the home. “Sunburnt nature” in the form of apricot shades will be a natural addition to neutral color solutions in bathroom and bedroom products, and its gender inclusivity is suitable for any clothing: home, sports and upper. Its playful and restorative side will be associated with cosmetics, perfumes, skin care products and hair dye, WGSN added.

Digital lavender

Digital lavender, a calm shade of purple that was previously named WGSN’s 2023 color, completes the color palette. This balancing property is key as color becomes a staple for mental health products and gender-sensitive design. Brands should use Digital Lavender attributes for health and wellness, use them for smart fitness, wearable devices, and training product categories. This soothing purple color is important for products related to sleep culture, the beauty industry, interior, and fashion. Also, this color is well suited for virtual beauty filters and digital fashionable covers, especially when combined with glitter and iridescent.

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