Color of the Year 2023: 6 Options from Home Paint Manufacturers

Every fall, paint companies, and interior design experts predict the colors that will shape our homes in the coming year. While the shades of 2022 are centered around natural shades of green, 2023 is dedicated to self-expression. Professionals’ predictions about the most popular paint colors include neutral, soothing blue, and warm earthy tones. Paint manufacturers traditionally highlight not only one color but sometimes entire palettes. For example, the American corporation Valspar highlights not one color, but instead offers 12, “consisting of comfort, acceptance, and joy – and this is not a temporary solution, but a long-term change.” Their collection is designed to find a new comfort, adopt a flexible lifestyle, rediscover joy, and join the growing DIY (do-it-yourself) movement.

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Flesh Redend Point

Redend Point paint from Sherwin-Williams, combining a delicate pink tone of blush and beige, is particularly warm. This shade is especially relevant as people turn to earthy tones to bring comfort and joy to their interiors. “Over the past couple of years, people have been attracted to nature-inspired earthy tones, and in 2023 this trend will continue,” says Sue Wadden of Sherwin-Williams, “Green, blue, and brown colors can make any space safe, soothing, and mundane, but at the same time filled with energy.” Redend Point is recommended for hallways and furniture to create an attention-grabbing accent.

Burgundy Terra Rosa

For 2023, soft earthy shades of pink and clay will be the most popular paint colors. Dunn-Edwards Terra Rosa is a mix of brown and bordeaux that works as a neutral and subtle accent. “We put health and well-being first, find time for rest and nostalgia. This translates into a design with sophisticated touches equally beautiful and dramatic,” explains Sarah McLean, color expert, and stylist at Dunn-Edwards. Cozy, but not cloying, this warm shade adds coziness to the bedroom or living room.

Natural Vining Ivy

PPG’s Vining Ivy is expected to have an impact on industrial design. The company announced that it will determine the direction of the style of consumer goods, including cookware, consumer electronics, and office furniture. PPG also announced a collection of three matching color palettes called Reflection. The color reflects the continued dominance of green. “We’re seeing green in a wider range of products than ever before,” said Vanessa Peterson, PPG’s global head of color design, Industrial Coatings. “We have been forced to acknowledge its continued impact in 2023 as it has made a strong entry into the market.” Color stylists believe that the dominance of hue reflects a constant interest in biophilic design incorporating nature into everyday life and space.

Cream Blank Canvas

Not every color of 2023 loudly declares itself. Blank Canvas, chosen by Behr, is a white one that goes with just about everything. The warm neutral tone is different from the cool modern shades popular in the past. “Blank canvas effortlessly offers a blank slate that allows you to freely express individuality and creativity. This white blends seamlessly with a wide color spectrum, including neutral, earthy tones, and pastel tones, creating coziness and a sense of security,” comments Erica Welfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at Behr. Use a canvas image on the bedroom walls to enhance relaxation, or apply this color to built-in office spaces to create a classic look that promotes creativity and concentration.

Spanish moss

People are increasingly choosing comfortable colors instead of the clear, bright, and white shades that have reigned for decades. As the color of 2023, Krylon chose Spanish Moss, a rich forest green color reminiscent of nature. The shade of spray paint easily renews furniture and décor, and also goes well with almost everything. “This midnight green color is closely associated with the richness of nature, dense forests and moss-covered landscapes. Based on the renewing power of green, it can be combined with both warm and cool accents,” says Ashley Bunbury, Senior Color Designer at Krylon. It suggests combining rich green with complementary colors such as gold, sandstone, and copper.

Red Raspberry Blush

A bright and cheerful red-orange called Raspberry Blush was chosen for liveliness. A rich shade fills the room with energy. “People are ready to return color to the house,” says Benjamin Moore, “This shade allows you to use spectacular colors that give pleasure.” It is proposed to paint the entire room with this pink to achieve the effect of a maximalist interior, including the walls, finishes and ceiling. Or you can put a little emphasis on the kitchen island. Soft shades of white and beige balance this bright shade.

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