How to choose Large sofas for a spacious living room

The choice of a large sofa in the space of an apartment or a country house is a delicate matter. Even if the dimensions of the model are as accurate as possible, its silhouette may seem visually bulky and “out of place” in the interior of even the most spacious living room. The secret of competent selection is a modern and ergonomic design. We have collected for you 5 options for large sofas in the living room, which will look stylish in the interior.

Modular sofa

So that a huge sofa does not clutter up the room with its dimensions, we recommend that you take a closer look at modular systems. The island composition will retain freedom of movement and provide easy navigation to other pieces of furniture.

Stylish modular configurations. The modern design of the model with a relaxed silhouette and fashionable metal supports will become the center of attraction for the whole family. Here everyone will find a comfortable module for themselves: a straight, angular, long ottoman or a variant with a coffee table. The variability of configurations is so great that you can choose the right composition for any layout.

Minimalist sofa bed

Speaking of oversized sofas for the living room, we cannot fail to mention this sofa. The sofa includes folding configurations that reach up to three and a half meters in length. The number of seats varies. The armrests can be taken out and turned into a soft floor pouffe that children and pets will especially like.

Resting on the modular sofa will be incredibly comfortable: ultra-soft volumes with high-quality memory foam filler take the shape of the body and do not exert reciprocal pressure on the muscles. By the way, such a large sofa bed in the living room can both harmonize in tone with the overall design, and accentuate the interior with a bright shade.

Design sofa

A large sofa in the interior is not necessarily distinguished by the most concise forms. Creative and dynamic people choose the modular collection of designer sofas for their spacious living rooms. The design with rounded volumetric corners reflects the modern philosophy of wabi-sabi and japandi.

Modules do not have hooks: assemble the composition for the hall yourself according to the principle of the constructor. The direct module can be placed against the wall so that it takes up the least space, and armchairs, couches, and poufs can be combined or randomly arranged.

Universal large sofa

If you are looking for a timeless design, the versatile modern sofa collection is for you. The laconic silhouette with low L-shaped armrests is complemented by weightless legs – an elegant touch that adds lightness to overall upholstered furniture.

Corner and U-shaped configurations will organically fit into a space with a large area. Models of the collection are equipped with a reliable mechanism of an American or French folding bed for transforming a sofa into a full-fledged sleeping place. If you need a roomy linen box under the seat, take a look at the options with an ottoman and a folding eurobook mechanism.

Corner sofa

The advantage of indirect sofa configurations is the possibility of zoning space. This technique will make the open-plan kitchen-living room or the interior of the apartment more comfortable.

Cylindrical bolsters on the sides and decorative braces on the seat. However, the last feature cannot be called an ordinary “Decoration”: the tightenings protect soft elements from sagging and deformation while maintaining an attractive appearance of the model for a long time.

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