Kitchen-living room: 20 ideas for choosing materials

The heart of the home and the place to spend time with friends, the modern kitchen is open in every sense of the word. Within a few years, a real revolution took place in its design. The kitchen has become more professional and aesthetic, in a word, it has adapted to our lifestyle, our tastes, and needs.

The new generation kitchen has all the hallmarks of a living room: extra shelving, open shelves… With a simple plan – a work island plus wall cabinets – a multifunctional space is created. Invisible kitchens are in fashion, where the main appliances can be hidden behind retractable panels.

In the decoration of facades, in addition to traditional wood, stone, ceramics, glass, and steel are used. For the backsplash and countertops, expensive marble, trendy brass, or steel are used. 

Of the favorite materials, cement tiles and concrete (or its imitations) can be distinguished for finishing countertops and facades. Facades made of stone and composites appeared about 15 years ago, but then they were very expensive – now they have become more affordable. They have a rich texture, go well with wood and concrete. 

The decoration of the facades is close to the decoration of the walls of the common area. It is appropriate to use veneer, correlating with panels or flooring in the living room. The stone of thin countertops flows onto the ends and facades of the bases. 

The experts recorded the main color change, saying that “black is the new white.” Its deep “cosmic” shades are presented in all materials – in stone, composites, and wood.

Of course, the kitchen has not escaped the Mid-century design craze. Gold, bronze, and metal finishes combined with 50s-style appliances help to achieve a timeless luxury vibe. Materials today have no restrictions on the use in hot areas: lacquered or glass, with gold or silver coating, metal or painted. 

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