Setting accents in the interior: 8 non-trivial ideas

Choose bright curtains and a blanket as an accent. No, you already know this and probably use it. We have selected 8 atypical ways to add color to the interior and dilute the monochrome interior with accents. 

1. Install colored doors

Why not make colored doors in a monochrome interior? This technique is rarely used, so it still surprises us. 

If you haven’t decided on colored interior doors yet, paint the front door. The hallway is a walk-through room, you don’t spend a lot of time there and you definitely won’t get tired of the bright color. In addition, this is a budget-friendly and simple way to “dilute” boring hallway interiors.  

2. Choose a color refrigerator 

Another unusual way to add color to the interior, but at the same time stylish and gaining popularity. Colored refrigerators are increasingly being produced by well-known manufacturers of household appliances. Today you can buy devices in soft pink, mint, black, red, deep blue, or burgundy – this is the most popular choice.

By the way, you can make a colored refrigerator with your own hands. For example, paint with spray paint or paste over the remaining wallpaper.

3. Give preference to bright upholstery on a sofa or bed

You already know that you can add bright accents using textiles, but choosing a bright sofa or bed is a bolder decision. Upholstery is not that easy to replace. But bright, large furniture definitely makes the interior much more stylish and interesting.

Dark green and dark blue tones in upholstery are universal. They look rich and luxurious. Yellow upholstery and its shades are also often used and are suitable for light monochrome interiors. Designers use powder-pink sofas and armchairs in combination with gray walls.

4. Place colorful chairs

Focusing on the dining area in the kitchen is an unusual decision, but it fully corresponds to modern trends. 

You can bet not only on color but also on shape. Chairs of different styles are a technique that professional designers use if they want to create an eclectic interior. 

5. Focus on the back wall of the shelving 

They can be painted in the desired color or covered with wallpaper with a pattern. It’s convenient that in this way it’s easy to transform any racks, even the simplest and most budget ones, and add individuality to the interior. For example, in the photo below is the famous IKEA Billy shelving unit. But it is difficult to recognize him in the new version.

6. Choose cabinets with custom fronts

Bright cabinets, namely the facades, can also become an accent in the interior. These days there are even in the mass market. But you can also make them yourself, using techniques you know: the same paint or wallpaper. 

7. Use bright lights

Unusual lamps or brightly colored lighting items will become an unusual accent in the interior. You can choose vintage chandeliers or lamps that will become a style accent – for example, classic chandeliers for an industrial-style room or vice versa.

Colored lamps can be placed in the bedroom or living room – near the sofa or bedside area. 

8. Choose color in detail

For example, paint the batteries or the battery screen – this accent also seems unusual and will definitely attract attention. 

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