Flexible interior: 5 tips and solutions for a small apartment

Flexible home space in the modern world is of paramount importance, regardless of the size of the family and the age of the apartment owners. 2020 has demonstrated the importance of our homes, which have become offices, gyms, and restaurants during lockdown. A multifunctional interior is becoming a particularly relevant solution in the context of dynamic modern life, as well as an ideal option for small apartments. 

 Flexible sleeper

One of the most popular combinations for a multi-purpose interior is a sofa bed in the living room, which also doubles as a bedroom. The solution is very popular if the size of the family has recently increased or someone needs a separate room for sleeping. At the same time, a modern sofa bed is no longer an alternative, but plays the role of a full-fledged sleeping place, because… Manufacturers can now integrate high-quality spring mattresses into the folding system.

Another option is a folding bed, which during the day looks like the front of a storage system, and in the evening turns into a sleeping place. When it comes to multi-purpose interiors, transformable items always come to the fore. Coffee tables that can be stacked, a kitchen island that doubles as a cooking space, a dining table and a desk, etc.

 Free space

The most important thing that is needed for a flexible interior is free space. For example, a living room uncluttered with furniture is suitable for relaxing with the whole family, active children’s games and sleep. A timeless trend is an open apartment layout with sliding partitions that can zone the room if necessary. Low cabinet furniture, textiles and accent carpets will also help to zone the room. If you don’t want to move something every time to suit immediate needs, assign a specific role to every corner of the house.

3.  Intelligent storage systems

If you want to be able to rearrange furniture at any time to suit changing tasks, all household little things should be stored in their place. Floor-to-ceiling storage systems with laconic facades give the space a minimalist look and a sense of order. For example, painted to match the color of the walls, which allows large-scale cabinets to be dissolved in space as much as possible. Also don’t forget about under-bed storage with drawers or built-in lifting mechanisms.

 Proper lighting

Carefully thought-out lighting scenarios directly affect the interior’s capabilities and can instantly transform the atmosphere. Thanks to spot decorative lighting and the installation of dimmers, you can instantly transform your living room from a party space into a cozy place for meditation or an intimate dinner.

5.  Neutral color palette

It is often impossible to create a multifunctional space if the room is very expressive and bright. For example, it may be difficult to work quietly while sitting in front of tropical print wallpaper. Cream, beige, white and gray shades, in turn, will help build the interior from scratch.

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