How to keep vacation memories in the interior: 10 unusual solutions

We want to remember emotions and impressions from trips for as long as possible. How to do it? Weave the history of travel into your own interior! We give a dozen valuable and practical tips on this matter.

1. Create a wall collage

Set space on the wall for a collage reflecting your travel memories. Alternatively, you can place a map of the world in the center and hang photos taken in different parts of the world around it.

2. Buy a map

For lovers of traveling, there is a special wall decor – a traveler’s map. It is a panel with a protective layer that you erase when visiting a particular country.

Such a map can become both an independent decor element and part of a wall collage or composition.

3. Design a panel-mood board

Moodboard is a popular decor element in the interiors of creative people. Most often, it is a cork or magnetic board on which inspirational pictures, clippings, quotes, and photographs are attached.

In the same format, you can save your vacation memories: collect all transport coupons, tickets from museums during your trips, save guidebooks and leaflets – when you return home, all this can turn into a bright panel that clearly reminds you of happy moments.

4. Organize your magnet collection

If you started traveling much earlier than you thought about keeping pleasant memories from your trips, you probably have an impressive collection of magnets from different countries at home. The usual way for many people to place them –  on the refrigerator – rarely looks aesthetically pleasing. But not to get rid of the little things dear to the heart, reminiscent of a vacation? Tidy up your magnets: allocate a certain place for them and create a stylish design.

You can, for example, arrange them on one or more magnetic boards and turn them into stylish wall decor. You can also pick up beautiful wide frames for these boards.

5. String up your photos

Putting your photos on a string is a stylish and cozy interior trend. Why not make your own photo gallery by collecting the brightest photos from your trips?

6. Collect luggage tags

Airline tags on your luggage are unusual and completely free souvenirs that wonderfully evoke memories of flights. You can put them together and turn them into bright wall decor.

7. Save banknotes from different countries

The currency of the countries you visit can also become a source of inspiration and turn into an unusual decor that reminds you of travel. 

8. collect shells

Other completely free souvenirs from trips are shells and sea pebbles. Collect a handful of the most beautiful shells or pebbles, and upon returning home, turn them into, say, a stylish candlestick.

9. Choose functional souvenirs

Bring souvenirs from distant countries that you can use in everyday life. A good idea would be, for example, a collection of cups: practical, aesthetic, and most importantly, every tea party will evoke pleasant memories.

10. Bring decor items from your trips

The furnishings and decor of this apartment are a solid reminder of travel! The pouffes are from Morocco, the coffee table is from India, and the cushion covers are from Cuban fabrics. Agree, such “souvenirs” look stylish and organic in the interior, and most importantly, they make the space personalized and unique.

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