AMOO: apartment of 60 sq.m. meters in Barcelona

Studio AMOO (Aurelie Maura and Omar Ornac) designed an apartment of 60 square meters. meters in Barcelona, ​​on the ground floor of a building built in 1925. The main facade faces the courtyard, and the dining room occupies the old gallery and faces northeast.

 Multiple cross-visual effects enhance the sense of depth. The designers connected the living room with the kitchen and got rid of unnecessary partitions. An unusual green stripe now runs throughout the apartment, starting in the hall, through the main room and bathroom, and ending in the form of a bar counter. Chromatically, it divides the space between the living room and dining room. Everything is done in order to eliminate the perception of the corridor as a dark and isolated element.

The furniture is designed to order. The portal that frames the marble fireplace serves as a hood. Comfortable low cabinets serve as a podium for the sofa and spacious storage systems. Mirrors help achieve the effect of better illumination and visually increase the volume.

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