Trends 2023/2024: 5 signs of a chic kitchen

Recently, the kitchen has become a real testing ground for design solutions. The increased demand for redevelopment stimulated a departure from established solutions. Now kitchens are gaining color, individuality, and a bright image – this is due to a significantly increased color range and a new palette of materials. Kitchen-living rooms are popular, whose image should match the front room. 

Deep Color & Glossy Finish

Decorators say white kitchens are out of fashion. The brighter and deeper the color of the kitchen, the more interesting it looks. If you are not ready for radical experiments, stop at the usual shades, but choose a color that is a few tones stronger and more saturated. Shades of green, and various herbal tones reminiscent of sage, rosemary, lavender, saffron, and basil, sometimes even close to black are the fashion solutions that are predicted to be relevant in the coming years. When the color is complemented by a trendy high-gloss finish, the whole kitchen looks like a jewelry box. 

We manage without a working triangle

Over the past two years, as many have begun working from home and learned to do without restaurants and cook on their own, the kitchen has gained a lot of additional functions. It became both a conference room for zoom calls and a place where lessons are done – and other solutions were needed to organize the space. As a result, the so-called kitchen triangle – an optimized work area between the stove, refrigerator, and sink is a thing of the past. The scale and content of kitchens continue to grow, as now, as a rule, everyone is passionate about a variety of cooking, and willingly experimenting with new equipment.

With light as a tool for well-being

Lighting technologies in application to the kitchen have long gone from utilitarian and rectilinear lighting of work surfaces. Now there is a growing popularity of such an approach to light, which would change our mood and well-being. Sophisticated integrated equipment that allows you to control the degree, and intensity of illumination depending on the time of day, is not only more consistent with our biorhythms, but also with new aesthetic canons.  

Tile geometry

This year, experts promise a fascination with contrasting geometry – moreover, a large pattern is more often used for modest-sized kitchens, in order to distract from the small area of ​​the room. The combination of different patterns works in the kitchen in the same way as in textile fashion, sometimes repeating successful combinations. 

Parade of textures

In the kitchen, we are waiting for the predominance of natural materials and rough-looking, as if unfinished surfaces. Designers offer to make textured aprons and countertops, and kitchen islands from wood. Surfaces are coated with special compounds with anti-fingerprint technology to keep the interior elegant. 

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