Trends 2023/2024: materials requiring special care

The choice of materials and finishes for the home is infinitely varied. Under these conditions, it is easy to make mistakes that will lead not only to an outdated interior, but also to endless cleaning. According to cleaning experts, there are several options that should be avoided in the home.

Bronze accessories

Experts do not recommend purchasing dark bronze faucets. It may look stylish at first, but it is hard to maintain. These are very demanding things to care for, they are very easy to scratch and they lose their charm over time.

Travertine slab

You can often find advice to refuse travertine tiles in the decoration. This is such a porous material that everything gets stuck in it. Travertine is a natural stone, so it requires higher maintenance. In addition, it is not cheap, requires constant sealing, cold and slippery.

Dark colored floors

When it comes to flooring, dark wood flooring is often criticized for several reasons. First, marks and scratches are more visible due to the dark color of the material. And without constant maintenance, the floor will quickly become worn out, not to mention the fact that dust is clearly visible on it.

Small Mosaic Tile

Cleaning professionals warn against using coin-sized tiles and mosaics (called a penny tile). First, stepping on it is quite unpleasant. Secondly, there’s so much bonding mortar in the seams that it’s hard to keep clean. In general, all such materials, such as river pebbles, are equally difficult to care for. Even caring for a square mosaic causes negative feelings over time.

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