How to decorate a room on the sunny side: 7 proven techniques

Decorate the interior in cool shades, select the right textiles, and move the table away from the window so that the room on the south side is comfortable.

South-facing windows are both happiness and trouble. The abundance of bright lighting visually enlarges the room, making it spacious, positive, and welcoming. But sunlight in the summer tires suffocates the room with heat and also contributes to the fading of finishing materials.

We offer several techniques on how to decorate a room on the south side and create comfortable living conditions.

1. Use cool light shades

Gray, blue, pink, lilac, turquoise, and cool green are colors that will reduce the brightness and rich warmth of a southern room. Don’t be afraid to use cold shades; the warm daylight from the windows will muffle the cold colors and make them softer. Avoid an abundance of white color – by re-reflecting the light from the windows, it will dazzle and will not give a feeling of coolness.

2. Decide on dark colors

The southern room is that rare case when you don’t have to be afraid of gloomy decoration. Dark walls, furniture upholstery, or textiles will take away some of the incoming sun and dim the brightness. At the same time, a dark color will deepen the space and make it expressive.

3. Choose bright colors

The sunny side allows you to use bright colors in decoration. Don’t take many different colors, choose 1-2, and use them locally – on some surfaces. In sunlight, bright colors become more vibrant. If you are a cheerful person and color doesn’t bore you, use this technique to bring mood into your home.

4. Choose fade-resistant materials

Many finishing materials fade in the sun. When selecting wallpaper, look at the markings – fade-resistant options have a graphic designation in the form of two suns. Permanent wall paint is made from an acrylic or silicone composition; ask the seller about its resistance to fading when purchasing. 

Fabrics that are resistant to sunlight are also labeled. It is believed that chenille, jacquard, artificial suede, leather, flock, Scotchgard or thermo-jacquard (impregnated jacquard), microfiber, arpatek (similar to thin natural leather) are resistant to fading. All natural fabrics, matting, velour do not have such properties.

5. Hang blackout curtains

Curtains with complex, dense weaving and a black inner layer will be your salvation from the heat and abundance of lighting. On the outside, such curtains come in different colors and can be light shades. The fabric of such curtains does not allow sunlight to pass through and darkens the room by 90-100%. Blackout technology was developed in Finland. Such fabrics have a long service life, do not wrinkle, are easy to care for, have heat and sound insulation due to their density, and are hypoallergenic. From blackout fabric, you can sew roller blinds, Roman blinds, Japanese blinds, or regular curtains.

6. Get cool bedding

Choose colors of the cold spectrum for your bed from light to dark shades: blue, blue, gray, lilac, and pink. Viscose, silk, linen, satin, and bamboo fabrics will create comfort during summer sleep, as they have cool tactile properties.

7. Move the table away from the window

If you plan to place a desk for an adult or child in the southern room, move it away from the window. Sunlight, reflected from white paper, can dazzle and cause blurred vision. Place the table 30-50 cm from the window or curtain the window with a curtain that will diffuse the incoming light. Sitting with your back to the window is also possible in a southern room, but not for working at a computer, since sunlight will hit the monitor.

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