“Why Your Apartment Doesn’t Look Stylish”: 13 Tips On How To Fix It

You have chosen a light wall finish, a laminate or parquet has been laid on the floor, and it seems that there is nothing tasteless in the interior. 

1. Consider custom wall painting

If you already have a finished interior, this option will probably seem too ambitious. But if you are ready for alterations, and the walls are already painted, you can even repaint them with your own hands.

Colored geometric shapes on the accent wall with partial use of adjacent walls, ceiling, and skirting boards will create the feeling of a real piece of art in your room and add volume to the room.

2. Use contrasts 

Pros often use contrast solutions in their projects and recommend how to do it. 

Play in semitones. If the walls and floor are light, dark furniture is needed. Thanks to the correct distribution of dark and light tones in the room, you can visually change its proportions. This also applies to color. Dilute the neutral range with bright or pastel colors. If you are afraid to paint the walls in a bright color – stick to rich shades in furniture or decor. Pillows, vases, curtains or paintings – by experimenting with these details, you can change the interior design without repair.

3. Add relief to the walls

Smooth walls are good as a background. But if they are not supplemented with decor, the interior will most likely turn out to be faceless.

4. Play with nuances

The rule of nuanced combinations allows you to dilute the interior with interesting textures in decoration and play with colors in monochrome. It’s a little more complicated with textures, you should think about it even during repairs, for example, if you chose an interior mostly in one color, add textured finishing materials to it: brick, wood. But you can play with flowers, decorating the interior.

In one room, you can combine different shades of the same color. This is very convenient so as not to suffer with the selection of the desired shade. But here it is important that there are at least five close flowers nearby. Nearby nuanced combinations are visually combined into one color. And this technique looks very impressive and stylish.

5. Mix tricks from several styles

Interiors, verified in one style, can be found extremely rarely, competent eclecticism really looks very profitable. But it is important to choose the right proportions and combine stylistic techniques correctly. 

6. Refuse decor kits and furniture

Furniture sets have long gone from designer interiors. Choosing diverse furniture and decor: For example, in a bedroom, you can put different items on both sides of the bed: a bedside table on one side, and a table on the other. For a dining group in the kitchen, choose a pair of chairs in the same color, and the other pair in contrast with them. There should be several identical pillows on the sofa that will set the rhythm, and at least one contrasting one.

7. Add style with expressive furniture

For example, vintage. Or an unusual design.

8. Set the accents

In the interior, it is important to highlight the main and the secondary. The main thing will attract attention and act as an accent, and the secondary – in the background. Then there will be a harmonious impression and the interior will acquire style. 

9. Use original authors’ items and art objects

One statuette, made with taste, can “make” the entire interior of a room.

Not only furniture but also decor can be author’s: a picture, a vase, an embroidered pillow, a planter, and even a painting on the wall. Handmade author’s work is immediately visible, and it instantly raises your interior to the level of an art connoisseur.

The best way to make an interior individual and unique is to use art. That it will make your interior exactly yours, recognizable, and unique. Painting, sculpture, decorative panel – any unique object created by man will immediately enliven the space. Of course, the choice of art must be approached responsibly. Especially if the budget is limited. However, now there are many excellent galleries that offer works of not very famous authors, but at the same time worthy and not very expensive.

10. Don’t forget the pictures and posters

It is advisable to abandon the template posters with lettering and boring pictures. Try to look for original works in galleries or commissioned by artists. 

11. Add houseplants

Getting a houseplant, if before that you had no experience in floriculture, is not so easy. At least because you have to take care of him. But greenery definitely transforms the interior. In addition, this method is quite budgetary.

12. Choose unusual lamps

Light changes the feel of the interior. And most importantly, there is almost never an excess of light, but its lack is a common mistake.

A wonderful way to change the feeling of the interior is floor lamps and table lamps. It is practically impossible to overdo it with them. Low light creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the evening. And by choosing a floor lamp or a lamp of an interesting design, you can again bring individuality into the interior.

13. Add emotions and mood

Even the most stylish and competent repair in terms of design techniques and ergonomics can seem uncomfortable and cold, if not diluted with emotion and mood. 

The mood in the interior is created by our emotions, under which all the laws of design are adjusted. For example, I want the mood of sunny Italy at home. And so, images appear before our eyes: rich colors against the blue sky, vineyards, covered verandas, and rough wooden boards on the floor. Physically, it will not be possible to do all this in a room of 12 square meters but we can convey the mood and emotion. We make floors from textured golden or dark wood (parquet, solid wood, or engineered board), paint the walls with textured milky or white plaster, hang sky-blue curtains on the windows, and add plants. And if you arrange the decor brought from travel: vases, plates, they will perfectly fit into the interior.

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