Suitable for thorough and conservative people, in this style, there are elements of ancient architecture, some heaviness, and solidity. In the modern interior, the classic style is combined with other styles, forming beautiful variations.

Modern classics in the interior – the style is restrained and at the same time refined. Classics are always relevant. Over time, it moved away from the pretentious handmade palace and museum furniture and acquired simpler technological forms. The classical interior embodies rhythmicity, symmetry, simplicity of composition, and clear subordination of parts. Color solutions of the interior in the style of classicism are calm and noble tones, a combination of light pastel – cream, beige, pale yellow, greenish, gray – walls with warm deep tones of noble wood floor and furniture. Neoclassicism does not accept the overload of the interior with accessories and furniture, excess is considered tastelessness.

The undoubted advantage of the classic interior is that it is out of fashion, and timeless. Great for an apartment, for an office, and for a country house.

Characteristic features of the classic style in the interior:

  1. Rectilinear silhouettes, “neutral gender”.
  2. Calm, muted tones.
  3. Furniture: relief is strictly dosed; upholstery: tactile textures; window decoration is mandatory, but the silhouettes of curtains are simple, not overloaded with heavy draperies.
  4. Restraint of accessories.
  5. Feature: strict subordination of all design elements, attention to detail.

ADVICE from Minimalism
To decorate the floor with a set of parquet is affordable for a few, but this option would be the best solution. Imitation of the parquet pattern is the main assortment of laminate and linoleum collections, the calm structure of oak, ash, beech, walnut without special effects is preferred. Color shades of natural wood – light, cognac, chocolate. You can visually highlight the center of the room, using decorative elements that are close in tone. For the kitchen, corridor, bathroom and auxiliary rooms, you can use tiles of simple shapes, imitating the noble structure of natural marble and granite.

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