This style is ideal for modern, mobile, bright personalities – those who want to declare themselves, their preferences, and interests.

Fusion involves a mixture of styles and allows you to create a unique and unlike anything else interior. This style in interior design is at the peak of fashion. The fusion interior is a symbol of modern globalization, a mixture of classics and abstractionism, East and West, sensuality and practicality. The charm of this style lies in unlimited creativity. We take as a basis the classic interior and add everything that we like. Lack of thorough elaboration of details, slight carelessness, bohemian chic.

The main “chip” is the presence in the interior of interesting textured finishing materials, non-standard ethnic patterns, and exotic gizmos.

A bright color accent is important!

Bright and fresh tones are preferred: bright blue, the color of the sea wave, crimson, dark blue, chocolate, black, gold, wine, and green.

Attention to the materials of decorative items. Soft, tactile, and cozy. It is necessary to abandon large “cold” mirror surfaces. But knitted bedspreads, linen capes, skins, and plush are a green light.

Three components of the style: color, texture, and materials.

Characteristic features of the fusion style in the interior:

  1. There is no symmetry and certain rules in the silhouettes or arrangement of furniture.
  2. Contrasting colors or patterns are used.
  3. Accents are placed by light spots, local light sources are actively used.
  4. You can decorate the interior with everything you like – from oil paintings to figures made of waxed paper and patchwork-style bedspreads.

Feature: the principle of creating an interior in the fusion style is freedom in the choice of materials and colors; in one room different materials, shapes, and textures are combined.


Fusion style opens up great opportunities for decoration; the floor can be both a neutral background for the interior, and be an independent interior object. You can choose a light or dark wooden board, tinted or colored wood to create the optimal background, or you can choose an unusual design that will become the center of the interior and at minimal cost will make the room unique. Contrasting combinations, interesting drawings and surface treatments, unusual materials and their combinations are welcome.

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