Kitchen-dining-living room design: 60 examples

The thoughtful and comfortable design of the kitchen-living room and dining room is the luck of large and small spaces. After all, the boundaries of the recreation areas, cooking and eating, and receiving guests in modern interiors are increasingly blurred and this applies to both spacious country houses and the most compact apartments.

“Space is the luxury of our days,” says American designer Thomas Fizant. The reality is that the modern dining room is often combined with the living room. In such a multifunctional room, I try to create more places where you can quickly hide things and restore order, for example, built-in wardrobes with lifting doors. The unnecessary disappears and there is a clean environment for pleasure and relaxation.”

Of course, there are drawbacks to this solution. In a small one-room apartment, the kitchen is, in fact, the second room. To remove the partition means to deprive yourself of an isolated room. This is especially true if more than one person lives in the apartment. In addition, the open layout of the kitchen-living room and dining room is more suitable for a modern mobile family or those who do not often cook at home.

When it is planned to radically change the design of the kitchen-dining room and living room, it is very important whether we are talking about a house or an apartment. When redeveloping an apartment, you need to get rid of partitions or build new ones with an eye to SNIPs and take into account many nuances: you can not completely demolish the load-bearing walls between the rooms, place a wet zone above the living room, use a gas stove.

If the new layout of the kitchen-living room is not agreed upon, the apartment will be more difficult to sell in the future or you will have to make repairs again to return everything as it was. Combined kitchen-dining room-living room in an already-bought house will also require coordination. But when it is built from scratch, you can plan the space as you want.

It is believed that the most successful design of the kitchen-dining-living room is to allocate the most spacious and bright part of the room for the living room or dining room. After all, it is here that the family and guests will gather and spend most of the time. The kitchen can be located in a part of the corridor, in a niche, or along a short wall, since cooking at the same time, as a rule, no more than two people, and thoughtful artificial lighting will be needed here in any case.

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