Kitchens for small apartments

The Japanese company Sanwa presented a collection of kitchens for micro spaces at Eurocucina 2018 in Milan. It combines a laconic Japanese aesthetic and a look at the design of Italian pros – Alessandro Mendini, Elisa Ossino, and Bestetti Associati studio.

The new collection includes kitchens that meet the idea of ​​”modern in style, Japanese in spirit”: functional, visually attractive, and at the same time limited in size. Saving space in Japan is practically a national issue. While architects are experimenting with building micro houses on modest plots of land, designers are creating furniture that can fit into small interiors.

Alessandro Mendini designed the retro model AM 01, a vertical unit reminiscent of a wardrobe. Inside – everything you need for cooking, outside – a colorful facade that hides the “stuffing”.

Gianfranco Bestetti and his team, Bestetti Associati, have come up with a modular version of the BA 01 kitchen on wheels: The elements of the structure can be easily folded and moved to a new location. The kitchen can be used indoors and outdoors. The material for it was the Paperstone composite based on recycled paper.

Elisa Ossino’s version is the EO 01 kitchen designed for open-plan apartments. Thanks to the high sides, it allows you to visually zone the space while hiding the hob and sink.

In addition, the compact versions of the Pattina and Grad 45 kitchens, the “rusty” finish of the Ceragino kitchen, and the new SC-01 wall model in steel finish were presented at the exhibition.

As well as the AC 01 project – a compact transforming kitchen that transforms into a desk. The model, designed by designer Yuto Rie, won the competition organized by Sanwa. It has been selected by the President of the Jury, Alessandro Mendini, and will go into production.

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