5 easy ways to add trendy geometry to your interior

The geometric pattern is an interior trend that is not going to lose ground. We are suggesting how to include it in the finished interior or in the design even at the stage of repair.

1. Hang wallpaper with an ornament 

One easy way to add trendy geometry to your decor is to wallpaper them with a matching pattern. It can be both ordinary prints and canvases with a 3D effect.

The only caveat is that the active pattern on all the walls will ripple and annoy. It is better to use it when decorating an accent wall, the rest can be left plain.

2. Lay patchwork tiles

Patchwork is a way of facing, in which tiles with different, as a rule, geometric ornaments are used. In stores, you can find both connected elements and tiles that need to be laid separately.

Patchwork will take root on the walls and floor in the bathroom, on the kitchen apron, and in the entrance area. As with wallpaper, it is important not to overdo it, so we do not recommend decorating all the surfaces in the room in this way.

3. Choose a tile of an unusual shape

Irregularly shaped tiles are another trend with which you can bring geometry into the interior.

Hexagonal, diamond-shaped, with a 3D effect – such unusual views will decorate both the bathroom and the kitchen.

4. Use wall stickers

If you don’t want to re-paste the wallpaper, use a quick way to update the interior – vinyl stickers.

You just need to choose a sticker in a geometric design and attach it to an empty wall.

5. Choose the right decor

A neutral interior can be revived with the help of geometric decor items or with geometric ornaments.

For these purposes, decorative covers and posters are ideal, but you can also look for more unhackneyed options: for example, pots for succulents or strict clocks.

What do you think about the geometric pattern in the interior? Share your opinion in the comments.

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