Smart Living: new trends in the evolution of the kitchen

What trends in the design of kitchens and household appliances are promising? Which factories set the rank? We present the best developments: materials, technologies, and forms for creating a smart home.

POGGENPOHL The oldest manufacturer of kitchens (the factory was founded 125 years ago) has introduced a new facade finishing program. It uses a high gloss chrome lacquer with a metallic sheen and comes in 14 colors. In the photo +Segmento, the famous model of the German company is transformed by the fashionable beautiful tone of Petrolgrün – it is also available for other Poggenpohl collections. The composition also features matt black fronts and polished natural stone and stainless steel surfaces. “We focus on sophisticated customers who would like to have something special, “not like everyone else,” say representatives of the brand. “Customers can rest assured that Poggenpohl will remain a trusted brand for many decades to come: our kitchens are bought for a lifetime.”

Poggenpohl’s +Segmento program in a new high-gloss chromated lacquer with a metallic sheen. 
Colour: Petrol grunge.

LEICHT  The German company was the first kitchen manufacturer to use the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier palette. In 1931, the greatest architect of our time developed a wallpaper collection for the Basel brand Salubra, which later became the basis for the architectural polychromy color system. It includes 63 shades that are easily combined with each other.

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“Red is stimulating and empowering. Red objects are representative and weighty,” said Le Corbusier.

Kitchen Classic-FS | 
Stone by Leicht showcases l’Ocre rouge – “red ocher” combined with natural sandstone.

VALCUCINE The popular Genius Loci model (author: Gabriele Centazzi) has been supplemented with V-Motion, a patented automated system. Now you can open and close the modules without touching the facade – just wave your hand. The movement of the hand in the horizontal plane allows you to control the LED backlight, including changing its color. The Air Logica System has also been updated – an ergonomic back wall that expands the kitchen space and organizes storage. Significantly expanded palette of handicraft finishes. We offer carving, intarsia, gilding, rare stone mosaics, micromosaic, marble inlay, glass, copper, brass and titanium, which, thanks to modern processing techniques, has acquired unexpected colors. The designers of the Italian factory adopted the principle of Kitchening – as they call the ability to plan and the art of “revive” the kitchen. 

HÄCKER  Founded in 1898, the family business switched to kitchen production fifty-two years ago and has since become one of the key market players. Among the new products presented in Cologne, the brand executives are particularly proud of the program in luxurious finishes, combining structured lacquer in metallic bronze and Mocha oak veneer (pictured). The ultra-thin top is only 1.6 cm thick and is also finished in bronze lacquer. The drawers are equipped with the TipMatic opening system – the mechanical system is reliable and does not require an electrical connection. The hob top is made from Dekton high-tech ceramic.

Hacker’s new combination of bronze metallic structured lacquer and Mocha oak veneer

ALNO  The German company celebrated its 90th anniversary in an original way: it released a limited edition of the Alno 90 kitchen program in the amount of 1927 copies (the figure corresponds to the year of foundation). Another point of attraction was AlnoAttract (pictured). The model attracts with contrasts. Classical surfaces made of natural wood are adjacent to transparent smoked glass and textured lacquer (metalized colors “bronze” and “cast iron” are available). Asymmetry brings expression to the composition. The kitchen was awarded the Iconic Awards 2017 in the Interior Innovation nomination.

WARENDORF  The premium kitchen manufacturer has unveiled three new developments inspired by the trends of contemporary urban architecture. The slogan of the MK 3 Pure Materials program speaks for itself: the authors focused on materials. Of particular interest was concrete – this finish is becoming more popular every year. Innovation meets tradition. The concrete is complemented by Tobacco oak, its rustic knotted surface finished to a velvety softness. The material mix is ​​complemented by natural stone and walnut wood used in the countertops. Another noteworthy element is the new mortise handles.

STRASSER STEINE  Invisible touch-controlled hobs built into worktops are a definite trend. An Austrian company integrated them into a natural stone surface. Strasser Steine ​​is famous for rare stone countertops, but especially for kitchen islands (ST-One program): powerful blocks of different sizes are completely sewn in marble, slate and basalt, tops, sides and drawer fronts are finished with stone. In addition to cooking surfaces with displays, sinks are integrated into the unit.

The island from the Strasser Steine ​​brand is completely sewn up in marble. 
It has a built-in hob with a display, as well as a sink.

NOLTE KÜCHEN  Smart is a key quality of cutting-edge cuisine – this is confirmed by the novelties of Nolte Küchen. At the stand of the German brand, Sony Mobile presented the Xperia projector. The device with the Android operating system also has the function of a tablet with a touch screen. It allows you to broadcast an image (for example, text and a photo of a recipe) on a countertop, wall or table. Now, in parallel with cooking, it will be possible to search for information on the Internet, work with documents, and control other smart home devices.

An innovation from Nolte Küchen and Sony Mobile turns the kitchen into the communication center of the home.

ELICA  The Italian company specializes in the creation of hoods and expands its spheres of influence. Developed by NikolaTesla (designed by Fabrizio Kriz) is an induction hob in which the hood is an integral element. Unlike luxury Elica models, which look more like front chandeliers, in this case the air-purifying device is almost invisible. At the same time, he does an excellent job. The hob is equipped with all the features of premium appliances. The number of heating zones varies depending on the diameter of the bottom of the dish, slider control allows you to change modes with one touch.

NikolaTesla (designed by Fabrizio Kriza) is an induction hob with an integrated extractor fan.

GAGGENAU  The German brand has been compared to a Rolls-Royce in the automotive world – Gaggenau appliances are just as reliable and priced accordingly. The company introduced a line of induction hobs with Flex induction zones and a built-in exhaust system. The function of automatic pollution detection allows the cook to not think about the settings of the hood and concentrate on cooking. Powerful, energy-saving motor and highly efficient carbon filters remove up to 89% of odors in recirculation mode. Quiet operation is another plus of the device.

Gaggenau hob with Flex induction zones and built-in exhaust system.

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